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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 87 (April 1947)

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Pertinent excerpts from official instructions
are printed for the benefit of our readers.
Official copies of the quoted circulars, let-
ters, and directives may be obtained by writ-
ing to the originating headquarters.
Two ACA Laws Promulgated
Two laws, signed by the ACA Control
Council, were promulgated on 25 March.
Law No. 49 deals with the "repeal of the
Reich Law of 14 July 1933 concerning the
constitiution of the German Evangelical
Church." Law No. 50 provides for the
"punishment for the theft and unlawful use
of rationed foodstuffs, goods, and rationing
Law No. 47, "Termination of German
Insurance Operations Abroad," became ef-
fective 10 March. This law provides that
German insurance and reinsurance compa-
nies of all types shall confine their activi-
ties exclusively to German territory. All pol-
icies may remain in force so long as the
risk remains German, but not longer than
three months from the date when the in-
sured risk left Germany provided that the
payment of premiums or any other payment
under these policies has been made only
in Germany and in German currency.
Wearing of Unit Insignia
The wearing of certain insignia patches
such as the parachutist or glider emblems
on the garrison cap is not authorized for
personnel who are non-members of organiza-
tions for which such emblems were pres-
cribed, according to USFET letter AG 420
GAP-AGO, "Military Uniform Regulations,"
4 March. The War Department indicated
that these emblems are not being considered
as special parachutist or glider insignia for
incorporation in future directives. The
wearing of parachutist or glider badges is
prescribed in AR 600-70.
The wearing of the shoulder sleeve in-
signia of a unit to which a person was as-
signed while overseas, as prescribed in AR
600-40, as amended by Circular 345, War
Department, 1946, is not being followed
accurately. The above directives definitely
state that the unit must have been an over-
seas unit, and to be eligible to wear the
shoulder sleeve insignia of such a unit, a
person must have been assigned overseas
to the unit between the dates 7 December
1941 and 2 September 1945. Examples of
violations noted are the wearing of training
school patches and patches of air forces
stationed in the United States.
Circular 10, containing detailed theater
uniform regulations, is available at Head-
quarters, European Command, APO 757.
Ordinance No. 12
All persons in the US Zone except speci-
fied occupation personnel are prohibited by
MG Ordinance No. 12 from acquiring, dis-
posing of, or having in their possession any
sterling vouchers, known as British Armed
Forces' Special Vouchers (BAFSV).
The ordinance does not apply to members
of the Armed Forces of the Occupying
Powers or civilians in the employ of one of
those powers who are required to handle
and be in possession of these vouchers in the
course of his official duties, or any other
person who has been authorized by US or
British Military Government to acquire,
dispose of, or have such vouchers.
Transfer of Border Control
Full responsibility for border control has
been turned over to responsible German
authorities as instructed in an OMGUS cable
to the Laender. The German Land author-
ities have issued adequate operational in-
structions to border police, and such police
are making inspections of all traffic to and
from the US Zone and otherwise enforcing
MG Law 161 and MG directives on border
control. Should any laxity be encountered,
the German Land Government will be re-
quired to take immediate corrective action.

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