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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 87 (April 1947)

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Expellees Take Up Trades
The effort of MG and German labor of-
ficials to place in gainful employment the
expellees who have settled in the US Zone
of Germany has resulted in the revival of
the glass industry. In northern Bavaria and
southern Wuerttemberg-Baden more than
10,000 expellees, many of whom learned the
trade in Sudetenland's glass works, are
employed making blown glassware and trin-
kets in some 230 private and cooperative
It is expected that in the near future about
30,000 peisons will be working in the in-
Nearly two million expellees - largely
from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and
Hungary- have been resettled in the US
Zone, and the problem of finding gainful
employment for them. has been a difficult
one. The main reason for this is the housing
problem: large groups of expellees are at
present settled in somewhat limited areas,
and the redistribution of these people to
places where gainful employment is avail-
able is frequently held up by lack of hous-
ing facilities in such areas.
One phase of the program designed to
gainfully employ a maximum number of ex-
pellees is the resettlement of a large number
of them on some 60,000 hectares of land in
northwest Bavaria formerly used as artillery
ranges and demolition areas. Persons estab-
lishing residence in these areas will be given
every possible aid to convert the land into
productive agricultural areas.
FIAT to Terminate 30 June
Activities of FIAT (Field Intelligence
Agency Technical) and BIOS (British In-
telligence Observation Subcommittee) will
be terminated by 30 June 1947 according to
an agreement by the Deputy Military Gov-
ernors of the British, French, and US Zones.
A statement on termination of these activities
was issued by the Bipartite Secretariat as
Allied technical investigations into in-
dustry under BIOS and FIAT auspices have
been continuing since June 1945. It has
been open to all Allies to participate in these
investigations and many Allied governments
have sent in teams of investigators who have
profited from facilities offered them by Zone
Results of these investigations are, sub-
ject to security considerations, public and
available to all.
British and US and French authorities
having regard to the current German eco-
nomic situation in the Western Zones and to
increasing difficulties of providing accom-
modation, etc., have decided to bring all tech-
nical investigations in the field under BIOS
and FIAT auspices to a close. After 15 May
1947, no industrial technical investigators of
the above organizations will be permitted to
enter 'British and US and French Zones of
Germany and all the industrial technical in-
vestigations will be terminated by 30 June
1947. This announcement does not modify
or rescind Article 12 of additional Terms of
Surrender issued as Proclamation Number 2
of the Control Council.
Auto    Resale    Halted
Military Government announced that ef-
fective 31 March and until further notice it
is unlawful for any person in the US Zone
of Germany or US Sector of Berlin to pur-
chase, sell, pledge, transfer, barter, or other-
wise dispose of any used motor vehicles,
even if done pursuant to an existing agree,
It was pointed out that any violator will
be liable to prosecution in Military Govern-
ment Court.
Military Government defines the term
;any person" to include Germans, Nationals
of the United Nations, including members
of the United Nations Armed Forces and
their dependents and all persons serving with
such forces, and any other person natural or
juristic except persons subject to US Army
court martial jurisdiction.

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