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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 87 (April 1947)

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The Deputy Director of
Information Control for
OMG Bavaria discusses
the publishing industry's
problems with the Ober-
buergermeisfer of Bom -
rSiQal Corps Photo
trade: the Deutsche Buecherei in Leipzig,
traditional depository of all books published
in Germany; and the Deutsche Bibliothek in
Frankfurt. Each of these libraries receives
specimens of all material published in Ger-
many and conducts statistical and biblio-
graphic work.
Cooperation between the zones continues to
progress in other ways. Free trade in publi-
cations, especially in the three western zones,
is expanding rapidly. To increase the cir-
culation of German publications in other
parts of the world, German dealers are filing
export applications with the Joint Export-
Import Agency (US/UK). These publications
will be sent chiefly to the United States and
Britain and will be largely scientific journals.
Such a project should increase the interest
of professional groups abroad in the more
important German publications, and should
strengthen die position of the industry in
Germany.   Commercial imports into Ger-
many, on the other hand, are expected to
remain negligible for some time due to the
higher priorl y of food and medical supplies.
However, some 716,500 German-language
copies (23 titles) of Overseas Editions - low
cost, paper-backed books printed for the
OWI program during the war - have been
sold to the German public, as well as 47,500
(some 22 titles) in English. Approximately
62,919 copies (91 titles) of other books in
original English editions have been sold. In
the translation field, rights to 76 American
books have been sold to German publishers.
Eight of them already have been printed
with subjects ranging from Brogan's "Amer-
ican Character" to Forbes' "Mama's Bank
Account." Probably 13 more will be sold
during the next few months with titles in-
cluding Copland's "Our New Music," Bink-
ley's "American Political Parties," and Sand-
burg's "Abe Lincoln Grows Up."
As for US periodicals licensed for import

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