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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

[Military government series],   pp. [4]-[29] PDF (18.4 MB)

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largely of bizonal discussions for setting up
uniform standards, and investigation of in-
dividual cases.
The Division has blocked the use of pro-
perty and financial assets owned by those
subject to denazification laws. This prevents
such property from being dissipated, con-
cealed, or used to continue the influence of
Nazis and militarists. For cases where Nazi-
held property was acquired by force or other
discriminatory action, the Finance Division
is formulating a program to process and
dispose of claims, and will supervise the
German agencies which are to administer
the program.
Along with the control of property within
Germany, investigations are being made to
identify German investments and assets
abroad. At the same time, the casual export
or import of valuable assets has been pro-
hibited, and only such transactions are per-
mitted as fit in with MG plans for economic
development of Germany.
Another important aspect of Finance Divi-
sion activity is the study of financial in-
stitutions to see how they must be changed
for peace-time needs. This includes discus-
sions with German officials on changes need-
ed in the organization and practices of
various institutions, such as decentralization
of the banking system (the large Berlin
banks formerly had over 1300 branches), and
the reopening of insurance companies and
security exchanges. It also includes consult-
ing with German finance officials so that
current government revenues will cover as
much of the approved expenditures and oc-
cupation costs as possbile.
Along with planning and supervising
financial operations in the US Zone, the
Finance Division has held continuing dis-
cussions with other occupying powers to
secure uniform financial practices throughout
These huge plasfer-ot-paris figures in the studio
of Dr. Josef Thorak, the Nazis most celebrated
sculptor, have been placed in the hands of the
Property Control Branch, 01GB. Signal Corps Photo

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