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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

[Military government series],   pp. [4]-[29] PDF (18.4 MB)

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German workers receive voting papers for shop steward elections as democratic
of handling labor-management questions are restored to US Zone factories
and offices.
Statistics. A field office operates with each
of the Offices of Military Government in the
Laender, the US Sector of Berlin, and Land
Bremen. The Manpower Division of OMGUS
has complete responsibility for all quadri-
partite negotiations affecting labor in Ger-
many as a whole and for all policy matters
affecting the US Zone. The regional offices
in each of the Laender carry out these agree-
ments and policies.
The Manpower Allocation Branch is re-
sponsible chiefly for developing and check-
ing on the administration of manpower
allocation policies.  The routine work of
the labor offices, in which the Germans have
complete administrative responsibility, does
not concern this branch. But it maintains a
close contact with the labor offices on all
labor matters arising from occupation
Changing economic conditions must be met
and undemocratic restrictions and prefer-
ences must be eliminated. Manpower must
be used wisely. This is achieved by constant
review and revision of manpower controls in
accordance with MGR, Title 15. German
Land Governments are required to continue
the system of mobilization, registration, and
allocation of all manpower that existed dur-
ing the war but with the elimination of* all
discriminatory practices and regulations
related to race, creed, nationality, or political
opinion.  Under the current practice, all
men between the ages of 14 and 65 and all
women between the ages of 15 and 50 in-
clusive are required to register with the labor
office nearest their residence.
At present, the Allocation Branch has the
job of deciding upon a zonal policy for
using the great number of physically-handi-

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