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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

[Military government series],   pp. [4]-[29] PDF (18.4 MB)

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Students at the US Information Center in Frank-                         
                                        Signal Corps Pha.,
furt listen to a lecture on American literature.
States policy as it applies to international
relations and to Germany. Pronouncements
by the President, Secretary of State, or other
important US or German occupation officials
are invariably highlighted.
To further the democratic processes of
self-government, the stations follow faith-
fully a schedule of frequent political broad-
casts, allotting the various parties equal
opportunity to present their cases before the
people. Likewise, some stations have intro-
duced "Town Meetings of the Air," permitt-
ing German government officials as well as
ordinary citizens a chance to express their
views publicly.
In its general program of helping to re-
orientate the German people, Radio Control
Branch of ODIC has been operating two
Schulfunks, or schools of the air, over Radio
Stuttgart and Radio Frankfurt. These
broadcasts are designed to accomplish two
purposes: To help offset the critical shortage
in textbooks and properly trained teachers,
and to provide a modern media of instruc-
tion in a variety of subjects, ranging from
German and world history to science and
Following the practice pursued in the
German press, these radio stations demon-
strate to German listeners the value of fact-
ual and objective reporting of local, national,
and world news. Considerable time also is
devoted to commentaries on contemporary
problems, particularly by German govern-
mental officials and representative political
MG teaches democracy not only by spe-
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