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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

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Socialism dictated, the Germans are eager
for news of all kinds'.
This thirst for information also is reflected
in the field of books and pamphlets. And as
the  publications industry  expands, MG
'. lhopes to orient it away from Nazi ideology,
thus leading the German people to think and
l, /           :5>:5 Xact democratically. Under this program,
ACA Order No. 4, Confiscation of Nazi Liter-
-                       ~~~~~~~~ature, has been successfully executed, and
licensed publishers must see to it that the
works of only politically suitable authors
S i                             E are printed. All books and magazines upon
publication are scrutinized by German em-
ployees under supervision of Land Publica-
tions Control officers, assisted by officers of
Intelligence Branch, ODIC.
Many projects have been completed.
Although book and magazine paper pro-
duction is short of requirement by some
W    3,000 tons (at least 50 percent) per quarter,
(Left) American personnel check the makeup of
"Die Neue Zeifung;" (bellow) the staff, of the
US Information Center in Bamberg looks over some
newly-arrived American books. Signal Corps MOMo
modern methods of factual reporting.
Like the licensed newspapers, however,
"Die Neue Zeitung" was hit by the news-
print shortage and cut its circulation from
1,500,000 to 1,200,000. Similarly, publishers
of displaced persons newspapers and ga-
zettes were allocated less newsprint. But in
spite of curtailment of electric power, the
critical coal shortage, and a  10 percent
forced reduction in newsprint, the US Zone
papers have maintained relatively good press
schedules and met the newsprint cuts through
a choice of reducing circulation or cutting
the number of pages per issue.
These papers and "Die Neue Zeitung"
have  a  combined   circulation  exceeding
5,000,000, a distribution which could easily
be many hundreds of thousands more if the
demand for news among German readers
was met. Deprived by the Nazis for 12 years     I__
of reading anything except what National.

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