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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

Press and radio comments,   pp. 24-43 PDF (10.3 MB)

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trations in British and US Zones being
Coordinating Committee authorizes Kom-
mandatura to recognize SPD city committee
and SED throughout Berlin.
Fourteen thousand tons of food released
from excess US Army stocks for German
civilian use. Forty-five thousand tons of
food imported from the United States for
German consumption.
New responsibilities including distribution
of imported food and POL, formation and
implementation of production programs, and
movement of goods in interzonal trade, rest
with German officials in US Zone, subject
only to MG periodic review.
Paintings by Rembrandt, Renoir, and
Gericault are among 705 art objects return-
ed to France from Munich.
Three-power agreement reached that all
banks in three western zones free to choose
their own giro system or correspondents
through which interzonal cashless payments
can be effected.
In accordance with MG policy of giving
authorities greater responsibilities, about
RM 7,500,000,000 worth of property taken
into custody by US MG authorities in Ger-
many turned over to administrative agencies
in Germany for safeguarding and ad-
United Press and Associated Press granted
US Treasury Department licenses under
"Trading with Enemy Act" to engage in
transactions essential to collection and
distribution of news and news pictures in
Youth programs presented over all sta-
tions of - US-controlled South German
network. Reports from field indicate radio
programs   for  schools  are increasingly
Agreement concluded with CARE repre-
sentative whereby individual food packages
from US donors to be distributed in US
Zone to designated individuals.
Coordinating Committee signs Directive
No. 31 establishing principles concerning
establishment of federations of trade unions.
Commenting on completion of preliminary
drafts of proposed constitutions in all three
Laender, Deputy Military Governor tells
Laenderrat that these constitutions "must
contain provisions for the three states to
cede such powers as are necessary to a
federal government when it is established"
and that "in the absence of the establish-
ment of a central government provisions
must be made to cede powers to the Council
of Ministers-President.
Laenderrat adopted new statute approved
by MG to establish Directorate meeting at
least once a week and making final decisions
on matters requiring immediate action not
involving basic principles, and on committee
proposals which do not involve basic prin-
ciples and are not of major importance.
Seed imports for 1946-47 requirements
total about three million dollars. For next
season 248,000 more hectares of crops are
planned than in 1945.
Completed action sheets indicate that there
are no persons in the entire US Zone in
"non-employment    mandatory"    category
who   have   been   retained  contrary  to
Ration for normal consumer in US Zone
raised to average of 1,225 calories daily.
Persons in cities over 20,000 population
receive larger ration than those in smaller
cities or rural areas due to latters' proximity
to growing areas.
Information Control authorities encourage
German licensed press strongly to oppose any
attempt by German governmental officials
to suppress news or to interfere with opera-
tions of a strong press built along democ-
ratic lines.
German economics officials from US and
Soviet Zones meeting in Berlin agree on
specific items for interzonal trade. Program
estimated to provide 50,000 persons with
employment in US Zone.
Quadripartite agreement reached to com-
bat rumors in each of the four zones by
providing factual information about other

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