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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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The Laenderrat considers international
freight service to be of prime importance
to the German economy because of the ne-
cessity of general imports, and because re-
ceipts derived from international rail traf-
fic would help pay for needed imports. In
a reply to their request for clarification, MG
stated that, although international rail traf-
fic in Germany is to be encouraged and has
already made definite advancements, it must
progress only as fast as the capacity of the
German railways is increased and general
economic conditions in Europe are bettered.
A census of agricultural machinery will
be taken in both the US and British zones
on 4 February 1947. Uniformity of the
census in the two Zones is to be referred to
the Bizonal Food and Agriculture organiza-
tion. Machinery purchase and sales by type
of machinery since 3 December 1946 will
be included in the enumeration schedule.
An emergency movement of 40,000 tons
of fresh potatoes from Bavaria was scheduled
to occur before Christmas. About 25 percent
went to the larger cities in Bavaria, 32
percent to Wuerttemberg-Baden, 18 percent
to Hesse, and 25 percent to the British Zone.
The Soviet border station for Honeback
and Dankmarshausen, closed on 26 and 27
November, has been reopened. Agreements
have been reached on an interzonal basis
to permit shipments of goods for the entire
distance interzonally on the tariff rate ex-
isting in the zone of departure, until such
time as uniform rates on special tariffs are
effected in all zones.
The consumption of coal by the building
materials industry has been 50 percent above
allocations for the past two months. Since
additional supplies of coal are sometimes
obtained by barter, control measures have
been recently initiated.
Recent restitutions have included the re-
turn to Poland of industrial machinery, 400
telephones, and 13 strings of pearls. Mill-
ing machines have been returned to Lux-
embourg; 29 stud horses have been return-
ed to Yugoslavia; paintings, sculptures, and
tapestries to the Netherlands; and freight
and passenger cars to Italy. A Ruysdael
landscape was among other pictures inclu-
ded in the ninth shipment of art objects re-
moved from Austria by the US Forces in
It is expected that the US and British
agreement for bizonal financing of the two
zones will result in decreasing expenditures
to prevent disease and unrest. Export sales
are being made by the US Commercial Com-
pany, which will retain 50 percent of the
proceeds as partial payments of advances.
Direct sales by OMGUS will also be made.
The program includes the exporting of such
products as ceramics, gifts and handicrafts,
light machinery, optics, building materials,
and basic chemicals. Offers have already
been accepted for the export of Diesel
marine engines to French North Africa, and
of china and toys to Switzerland.
Motion picture production licenses have
been granted to three out of the 27 German
applicants under consideration. Tests were
recently begun at the Tempelhof studios for
72 speaking parts necessary for the German
sound synchronization of the American film,
"Ziegfeld Girl."
Amerikakunde institutes at Marburg and
Frankfurt universities in Hesse are sponsor-
ing lectures and discussions on various pha-
ses of American life. In addition, exhibits
of American professional societies, such as
architectural engineering, art, educational,
and scientific societies will be provided by
the institutes during the coming year. A
course on modern American literature is to
be given in English by an American instruct-
or in the second semester of the Bremen
Adult Education School.

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