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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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Page 29

knew of Hitler's plans to prepare, initiate
or wage aggressive wars....
On 1 December 1942 all Gaue became
Reich Defense districts and the Party Gau-
leiters responsible to Bormann were ap-
pointed Reich Defense Commissioners....
Through this mechanism Bormann controlled
the ruthless exploitations of the subjected
populace.. His order of 12 August 1942
placed all party agencies at the disposal of
Himmler's program for forced resettlement
and denationalization of persons in the oc-
cupied countries.... Bormann was extremely
active in the persecution of the Jews not
only in Germany but also in the absorbed or
conquered countries.... Bormann was prom-
inent in the slave labor program.... Bor-
mann also issued a series of orders to the
Party leaders dealing with the treatment of
prisoners of war.... Bormann is responsible
for the lynching of Allied airmen....
His counsel.... has argued that Bormann
is dead and that the Tribunal should not
avail itself of Article 12 of the Charter which
gives it the right to take proceedings
in absentia. But the evidence of death is
pot conclusive, and the Tribunal.... deter-
mined to try him in absentia. If Bormann
is not dead and is later apprehended, the
Control Council for Germany, may, under
Article 29 of the'Charter, consider any facts
In mitigation, and alter or reduce his
sentence, if deemed proper.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that Bor-
mann is not guilty on Count One (con-
spiracy), but is guilty on Counts Three and
Four (war crimes, crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party
Conclusion: The Leadership corps was
used for purposes which were criminal under
the Charter and involved the Germanization
of incorporated territory, the persecution of
the Jews, the administration of the slave
labor program, and the mistreatment of pris-
oners of war.... The Gauleiters, the Kreis-
leiters, and the Ortsgruppenleiters partici-
pated, to one degree or another, in these
criminal programs. The Reichsleitung as the
staff organization of the Party is also respon-
sible for these criminal programs as well as
the heads of the various staff organizations
of the Gauleiters and Kreisleiters.  The
decision of the Tribunal on these staff, or-
ganizations include only the Amtsleiter who
were heads of offices on 'the staffs of the
Reichsleitung, Gauleitung and Kreisleitung.
With respect to other staff Officers and
party organizations attached to the Leader-
ship Corps other than the Amtsleiters re-
ferred to above the Tribunal will follow
the suggestion of the Prosecution in ex-
cluding them from the declaration.
The Tribunal declares to be criminal within
the meaning of the Charter the group com-
posed of those members of the Leadership
Corps holding the positions enumerated in
the preceding paragraph who became or
remained members. of the organization with
knowledge that it was being used for the
commission of acts declared criminal by Ar-
ticle 6 of the Charter, or who were. per-
sonally implicated as members of the or-
ganization in the commission of such crimes.
The basis of' this finding is the participation
of the organization in war crimes and crimes
against humanity connected with the war;
the group declared criminal cannot'include,
therefore, person's who had ceased to hold
the positions enumerated inWthe preceding
paragraph prior to 1 September 1939.
Gestapo and SD
Conclusion: The Gestapo (Die Geheime
Staatspolizei) and SD (Der Sicherheitsdienst
des- Reichsfuehrer SS) were used for pur-
poses which were criminal under the Charter
involving the persecution and extermination
in the administration of the Jews, brutalities
and killings in concentration camps,. excesses
in the administration of occupied territories,
the administration of the slave - labor
program and the mistreatment and murder
of prisoners of war.... In dealing with. the,
Gestapo the Tribunal includes all executive
and administrative officials of Amt IV.of the
RSHA or concerned with Gestapo adminis-
tration in other departments of the RSHA
and all local Gestapo officials serving. both

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