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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

Press and radio comment,   pp. 18-31 PDF (7.5 MB)

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of the Armed Forces. Although his immed-
iate superior was defendant Keitel, he re-
ported directly to Hitler on operational
matters. In the strict military sense, Jodl
was the actual planner of the war and
responsible in large measure for the strat-
egy and conduct of operations....
Entries in Jodl's diary.... show Hitler
instructed both him and Keitel to keep up
military pressure %against Austria.... In
planning the attack on Czechoslovakia, Jodl
was very active....   Jodl discussed the
Norway invasion with Hitler, Keitel and
Raeder on 12 December 1939; his diary is
replete with later entries on his activities
in preparing this attack.... He was active
in the planning against Greece and Yugo-
slavia . . . .  Jodl Testified  that Hitler
feared an attack by Russia and so attacked
first. This preparation began a year before
the invasion.
On 18 October 1942 Hitler issued the
Commando Order and a day later a supple-
mentary explanation to commanding officers
only. The covering memorandum was signed
by Jodl.... There is little evidence that
Jodl was actively connected with the slave
labor program, and he must have concen-
trated on his strategic planning functions....
By teletype of 28 October 1944 Jodl ordered
the evacuation of all persons in Northern
Norway and burning of their houses so they
could not help the Russians.... On 7 Oc-
tober 1941 Jodl signed an order that Hitler
would not accept an offer of surrender of
Leningrad or Moscow, but on the contrary
he insisted that they be completely destroy-
ed.... No surrender was ever offered....
There is nothing in mitigation. Participa-
tion in such crimes as these has never been
required of any soldier and he cannot now
shield himself behind a mythical require-
ment of soldierly obedience at all costs as
his excuse for commission of these crimes.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that Jodl
is guilty of all four counts (conspiracy,
crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes
against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Franz von Papen
He was appointed Chancellor of the Reich
on 1 June 1932 and was succeeded by von
Schleicher on 2 December 1932. He was
made Vice Chancellor in the Hitler Cabinet
on 30 January 1933 and on 13 November
1933 Plenipotentiary for the Saar. On
26 July 1934 he was appointed Minister to
Vienna and was recalled on 4 February 1938.
On 29 April 1939 he was appointed Ambas-
sador to Turkey. He returned to Germany
when Turkey broke off diplomatic relations
with Germany in August 1944.
Von Papen was active in 1932 and 1933
in helping Hitler to form the Coalition Cab-
inet and aided in his appointment as Chan-
cellor.... As Vice Chancellor in that
Cabinet he participated in the Nazi consoli-
dation of control in 1933.... On 30 June
1934, in the wave of violence which accom-
panied the so-called Rohem Purge, von
Papen was taken into custody by the SS....
Von Papen was released on 3 July 1934....
Von Papen accepted the position of Minister
to Austria.... A letter from  Hitler....
instructed him to direct relations between
the two countries "into normal and friendly
channels" and assured him of Hitler's
"complete and unlimited confidence."...
No evidence has been offered showing that
von Papen was in favor of the decision to
occupy Austria by force, and he has testified
that he urged Hitler not to take this step....
He accepted the position of Ambassador to
Turkey.... but no evidence has been offered
concerning his activities in that position
implicating him in crimes.
The evidence leaves no doubt that von
Papen's primary purpose as Minister to
Austria was to undermine the Schuschnigg
regime and strengthen the Austrian Nazis
for the purpose of bringing about Anschluss.
In carrying through this plan he engaged
in both intrigue and bullying. But the
Charter does not make criminal such offenses
against political morality, however, bad
these may be....

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