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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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THE    VERDICT        (Continued from page 7)
Europe ....
With his appointment as Reich Minister
for Occupied Eastern Territories, Rosenberg
became the supreme authority for those
areas. He helped to formulate the policies
of Germanization, exploitation, forced labor,
extermination of Jews and opponents of
Nazi rule, and he set up the administration
which carried them out.... Rosenberg had
knowledge of the brutal treatment and terror
to which the Eastern people were subjected.
He directed that the Hague Rules of Land
Warfare were not applicable in the Occupied
Eastern Territories . . . . Upon  occasion
Rosenberg objected to the excesses and
atrocities committed by his subordinates....
but these excesses continued and he stayed
in office until the end.
Conclusion:  The  Tribunal finds that
Rosenberg is guilty on all four counts
(conspiracy, crimes against peace, wars
crimes, crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Hans Frank
Frank joined the Nazi Party in 1927. He
was made a Reichsleiter of the Nazi Party
in charge of Legal Affairs in 1933, and in
the same year President of the Academy
of German Law. Frank was also given the
honorary rank of Obergruppenfuehrer in the
SA. In 1942 Frank became involved in a
temporary dispute with Himmler as to the
type of legal system which should be in ef-
fect in Germany. During the same year he
was dismissed as Reichsleiter of the Nazi
Party and as President of the Academy of
German Law.
Frank was appointed Chief Civil Adminis-
tration Officer for occupied Polish territory
and on 12 October 1939 was made Governor
General of the occupied Polish territory. On
3 October 1939 he described the policy which
he intended to put into effect by stating:
"Poland shall be treated like a colony; the
Poles will become the slaves of the Greater
German World Empire." The evidence estab-
lished that this occupation policy was based
on the complete destruction of Poland as a
national entity, and a ruthless exploitation
of its human and economic resources for the
German war effort. All opposition was
crushed with the utmost harshness. A reign
of terror was instituted
Frank introduced the deportation of slave
laborers to Germany in the very early stages
of his administration . . . The persecution
of the Jews was immediately begun in the
General Government . . . . It is true that
Frank was a willing and knowing participant
in the use of terrorism in Poland; in the
economic exploitation of Poland in a way
which led to the death by starvation of a
large number of people; in the deportation to
Germany as slave laborers of over a million
Poles; and in a program    involving the
murder of at least three million Jews.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that Frank
is not guilty on Count One (conspiracy) but
is guilty on Counts Three and Four (war
crimes, crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Wilhelm Frick
Recognized as the chief Nazi administra-
tive specialist and bureaucrat, he was ap-
pointed Reichsminister of the Interior in
Hitler's first cabinet. He retained this im-
portant position until August 1943 when ne
was appointed Reich Protector of Bohemia
and Moravia . . . . As tee several countries
incorporated into the Reich were overrui,
he was placed at the head of the Centrat
Offices for this incorporation. Though Frick
did not officially join the Nazi Party until
1925, he had previously allied himself with
fHitler and the National Socialist cause dur-
ing the Munich Putsch ....
An avid Nazi, Frick was largely re-
sponsible for bringing the German Nation
under the complete control of the NSDAP.
After Hitler became Reich Chancellor,' the
new Minister of the Interior immediately
began to incorporate local governments
under the sovereignty of the Reich. The
numerous laws he drafted, signed and ad-

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