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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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In view of the large youth attendance in
the 738 motion picture theaters open in the
Zone, efforts are being made to select US-
produced features and documentaries of re-
orientational value to which German Ruth
may be admitted. All US-produced features
have been designated Jugendfrei (free to
Export sales during the third week of
September included 68,000 dollars worth of
pencils to Belgium, 56,000 dollars worth of
Diesel compressors and 20,000 dollars worth
of carbon brushes to Denmark, 12,000 dollars
worth of high-tension registers and 0,600
dollars worth of ticket punches to Norway
and 1,600 dollars worth of turbine impellers
to England.
Authorization has been issued for tranfer
to the chief finance officer in Bremen of
responsibility for the custody and adminis-
tration of all property in the Bremen Enclave
now under control of MG. This action is
similar to the transfer of property control
responsibilities already completed in the
three Laender of the US Zone.
The Security Review Boards are bringing
to a close their 'civilian internee release
program as the final steps are being taken
to turn encampments over to the German
authorities. More than 40,000 interned Ger-
mans have actually been released.
The German miners' union in the US and
British Zones have agreed to work one Sun-
day each month in order that an equivalent
heat value of coal mined on that day will
be available for space heating by German
civilians in the large cities far from fuel
wood supplies.
In the first threeI weeks of September,
food imported from the United States for
Germans in the US-occupied areas totaled
approximately 26,000 long tons, of which
75 percent were breadgrains and flour.
Another 25,000 tons of breadgrains and
flour were en route from the United States.
The Labor Academy at Frankfurt has been
approved by the Ministry of Education in
Greater Hesse. The purpose of the academy
is to provide elementary and higher labor
schooling for prospective labor leaders and
labor educators. The curriculum includes
social politics, constitutional law and social
German officials of the newly-created
German corporation Gesellschaft zur Er-
fassung von Ruestungsgut G.m.b.H. will
appraise captured enemy materials schedul-
ed for release to the German economy. These
valuations will be entered on receipts in
Reichsmarks at the time the materials are
There are 206 Kreis youth committees
active in the Zone. All Kreise in Greater
Hesse and Wuerttemberg-Baden and 126 of
the 142 Kreise in Bavaria have committees.
Among   services performed by the Land
youth committees is provision of insurance
for licensed youth groups, covering regular
activities of such groups.
Inventorying of the Daimler-Benz under-
ground aircraft engine plant at Neckarelz,
Wuerttemberg-Baden, has been completed.
This marks the end of the evaluating pro-
gram involving 24 plants allocated as ad-
vance reparations to the Soviet Union and
the Western Nations.
The Daimler-Benz plant at Mannheim is
producing three-ton trucks at a rate of 250
to 300 a month. The present assemblies lack
wheels, tires and headlamp bulbs. In an
effort to improve this situation, 300 wheels
are being procured from Province Branden-
burg in the Soviet Zone.
A total of 5,900 German prisoners' of war
are being released to work on salvage of
chemicals from ammunition. A new site
must be found for this program as the
Aschau recovery plant has been allocated to
the Inter-Allied Reparations Agency.

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