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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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Elections Outlined by 0mgus
The voting procedure to be followed in
the popular ratification of Land constitutions
and Landtag elections has been announced
German nationality (Staatsangehoerigkeit)
is required of each voter. Those persons who
are now German nationals or were German
nationals prior to 8 May 1945 and have not
assumed new citizenship, and members of
German minorities in Czechoslovakia, Austria
and Hungary who have been officially re-
patriated to Germany will be considered
eligible as German nationals for election
Not more than one year of residence in the
land of voting is required. Germans from
other zones who meet this one year require-
rnent as well as the other voting require-
ments shall be registered as voters unless the
refugee commissioner, prior to the closing
of the voters' register, has rendered decision
that they shall be returned to their original
The official minimum voting age will be
21 years. Men and women are to have equal
voting rights.
Denazification requirements for voters re-
main the same as in previous elections. As
in the 30 June elections, Germans who have
been tried by a Denazification Tribunal and
acquitted and those Germans found guilty
of being followers but who have made res-
titution through payment of fines shall be
registered as voters.
All candidates for the Landtag must be
qualified voters and must meet the standards
of the Law for Liberation from National
Socialism and Militarism. This means that:
prior to a final decision by a denazification
tribunal, no person may be considered eli-
gible for the Landiag if he is in any of the
(lass I or Class II categories of the list at-
the HJ and BDM) unless he has received
approval by Military Government in accord-
ance with the Law; and after a final decision
by a tribunal, no person is eligible unless he
has been exonerated or has been classified as
a follower and has paid his fine.
The constitutions are to be submitted by
the Constitutional Assemblies of the Laen-
der before 30 September to OMGUS for ap-
proval. Military Government authorities will
review the proposed constitutions and return
them to the Constitutional Assemblies for
final passage which is to be effected before
19 October. The Land Constitutional As-
semblies will then set a date, not later than
8 December, for a popular referendum on
the proposed constitutions at which time
election of members of the Landtag will also
be held.
If any of the three constitutions fails to
receive a majority vote in the referendum,
it will be considered defeated, and the rep-
resentatives elected to the Landtag wilt
serve as a new constitutional assembly which
will draw up another constitution for re-
submission to Military Government and the
German people. Under such circumstances
the elected assembly will not serve as an
interim Landtag, but may serve as an
advisory agency to the Land government.
The text of the constitutions will be pub-
lished for the information of voters at least
one month before the date to be set for
the elections.
Youth Book Exhibit
More than 20,000 German civilians, two-
thirds of them less than 20 years old, visited
the International Youth Book Exhibition in
Stuttgart during the past month.
The exhibition, which came from Munich,
will open soon in Frankfurt, and includes
4,000 children's books and drawings fromn

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