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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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Eisenhower Sees
MG Improvementf
b ese are day~s of pe~sihi~iis in a, wvan,
Tabout interna tional relationships aml I;
even at the risk. let's say, of being a "Pol-
lvana" about the thing, I think there is
ras^^sI            0
too mich pessimism and too much
w riring down of progress that has been
made and the opportunity still lying be-
fore us. After all, the world has just
completed the greatest global war of all
history. All economics are disrupted.
People are puzzled. They are worried
about the future, not only from a national-
istic standpoint, but from a personal
standpoint. Public opinion will crystal-
lize slowly after the disruption it has
suffered during that war. Yet I hear the
story of my own people at the Control
Council Meeting amicably struggling hard
to get together on the problems they
have been given to solve. They are
honestly trying to do the job that they
were given to do.
Well, to my mind, when we remember
what the world has been through how
each nation is concerned with its own
security, affected by fears that certain
things might happen again, I think that
in itself is a very encouraging sign and
I believe without getting over into
the diplomat's job and speaking solely
as a soldier, we can look forward to
future prospects with somewhat more
optimism than is directly reflected in
oar more pessimistic statements, at least
at home. As you know, one of the jobs
,1ven to the Control Council a long time
,wro was to effect the economic unity of
(m10erinanv. That has not been accomplished
l)iot at least one step has been made. The
American and British Zones have reached
a greemients by which economic unity will be
effected and from our standpoint it seems
to me we should be, and I am speaking
Gen. Eisenhower addressing cor-
respondents during his recent vis-
it to Berlin.  Photo by PRO, OMGUS

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