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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 56 (August 1946)

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The problem: was solved to her satisfaction
by a reassignment to a division where her
shorthand  skills were needed  and  ap-
Sympathetic counselors, provided to assist
employees and thereby help the supervisors
maintain a stable, efficient working force,
are usually in possession of information ad
knowledge which they can bring to bear on
the solution of the problem.-
When shifts in personnel occur due to pert
sons completing their contracts, the em-
ployee relations staff often helps division
personnel officers in the difficult task of
reassigning persons within-the organizational
As others prepare to return to the States
tHey are given exit interviews. Through these
confidential discussions, the employee rela-
tions interviewer usually obtains a more
frank and accurate picture of OMGUS,
conditions than he would through other'
means. They usua1 y "let their hair down"
and feel free to point out grievances and
points of friction-.
Almost all employees are sincerely helpful
and hope to aid in improving the OMGUS
organization while a few obviously take this
opportunity to "take a last crack" at some-
one with whom they have failed to get along.
Another point of contact the counselors
have with OMGUS workers is the entrance
interview which is given when the employee
arrives- in the theater. Guides, booklets and
general orientation information are provided
and the newcomer is encouraged to ask
questions and to volunteer information about
difficulties he encountered in transit.
By these interviews data has been assem-
bled which has helped to expedite the pro-
curement and travel of new employees during
the past few weeks.
Through the entire span of births, mar-
riagei and death the counselor finds oppor-
tunities to be of service.
During the past months hospital arrange-
ments have been made for expectant mothers
and some have been given preferential treat-
ment on State-bound ships oB planes to enable
them to have their blessed events in their
own home towns.
In making marriages arrangements the
counselor must see that the ceremony con-
forms with the laws of the native states of
the participants and that the civil laws of
Germany are observed. The usual church
ceremony with its music and flowers are
merely the public manifestation of the work
dbne by a cooperative employee relations
-When an employee is injured or killed in
the course--of his duties, the employee re-
lations: staff processes the compensation
papes. In cases we a death in an em-
plbyee's family bck home necessitates his
immnediate return to the United States, the
"cotunselor . recommends his permanent or
temporary release from duty and assists him
iii obtaining the astest possible transport-
ation to shome.
In: oMGS the employee counselor is
charged with the reponsibility of performing
the following functions:
1. Assists in interpreting  management
policies and practices for employees
and in turn reflects to OMGUS officials
the reactions of OMGUS employees to
these policies and practices.
2. Assists the worker in orienting himself
to his work and to his associates.
3. Assists the employee in working out
satisfactory living and social arrange-
4. Observes attitudes and reactions of the
employee which prevent him    from
doing his best work, and helps him to
develop better conduct and attitudes
.on the job.
5. Identifies problems of individual em-
ployees which need special attention
and refers them to proper agencies.
6. Discovers conditions within the work
situation  which  may  prevent the
employee from doing his best and rec-
ommonds changes and improvements.
7. Helps supervisors in building cooper-
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