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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 50 (July 1946)

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US ZONE ELECTS (Confinued from page 8)
Table 5: Popular Vote by Parties in Percentages of Total Votes
Land Consti-
Landkreis    Stadtkreis   tutional
Elections    Elections   Assembly
Christian Social Union                      69.4 0/o     43.7 0/o     55.7
Social Democratic Party                     22.9         37.0        28.1
Free Democratic Party                        0.3          3.5          2.5
Communist Party                              3.9          6.6          5.2
Economic Reconstruction Party                -            3.4          4.8
Greater Hesse
Christian Democratic Union                  37.9 0/o     33.0 0/o     35.3
Social Democratic Party                     44.0         39.0         42.0
Liberal Democratic Party                     6.2          9.0          7.7
Communist Party                              8.3         11.0         9.2
Christian Democratic Union                  47.4 0/o     31.0 0/o    39.2
Social Democratic Party                     25.1         34.3         31.0
Democratic People's Party                   10.5         15.3         16.1
Communist Party                              3.9          6.6          9.6
US Zone
CDU/CSU                                     56;0 0/o     37.8 0/o    46.4
SPD,                                        29.2         36.9        32.6
FDP/DVP'LDP                                  4.0          7,8         6.9
KPD                                          5 .5         9.0          7.3
principal responsibility for the framing of
the new constitution for that particular Land.
However, in Greater Hesse the Social Dem-
ocrats, although without a majority, will
certainly wield a preponderant influence.
Various combinations of parties in each Land
are possible and many concessions and com-
promises will undoubtedly be made, since
this is the nature of constitution-making in
a democracy. The aim of the assemblies will
be to provide a constitution which answers
the needs of the people in the way they de-
sire. Thus the foundation will be laid for
the establishment of a Land government "of
the people, by the people and for the people"
which, in the last analysis, marks a further
step toward the realization of the U. S. pol-
icy for a democratic federal Germany.

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