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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 42 (May 1946)

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A New German Agency Takes Over Operation and Administration of US Zone
Reichspost Activities Until Formation of Central Body for All Four Zones.
With the establishment of a Senior
Directorate of Communications and Posts
in Munich, MG has taken another step
toward c'entrali"zation, in German hands; of
administrative control over civilian com-
munications in the US Zone. The new
agency (Oberdirektorium fuer Post und
Nachrichtenwesen in der US Zone) was,
established by the Laenderrat (Council
of Minister Presidents) in accordance
with MG directives, and will be respons-
ible to the Council for the operation and
administration of all Rleichspost activi-
tiles -in the US Zohne. It will be subject
to such control as must be exercised by
MG to carry out the Occupation and
not to conflict with past or future ac-
tions of the Allied Control Authority.
Prepa-ratory planning for this organiza.-
tion ha-s been accomplished by a Plan-
ning Committee of German nationals head-
ed by a former Reichspost official under
MG supervision. This Planning Commit-
tee was also active in recruiting qualified
personnel All records, studies and re-
commendations of the group were turn-
ed over to the Laenderrat for their in-
formation and use.
Prior to the Occupation, central con-
trol of the 38 Reichspost Directorates in
Greater Germany was accomplished
through the Ministry of Posts in Berlin,
headed by the Reichsp'ost Minister (a,
member of the Ca-bitnet) who was . di-
rectdly responsible to Hitler. The Ministry
served as, a central authority for the con-
trol, regulation and coordination of com-
munications throughout Germany. Since
the Occupation and prior to the forma-
tion of the Senior Directorate, the six
Directorates that make up the US Zone
have functioned as individual units, under
the control of the respective Minister
Presidents in the three Laender. The -nec-
essary coordination for long distance
communications services between the sev-
eral Reichspost Directorates has been ef-
fected by the Chief Signal Officer, US
Forces, European Theater and the Office
of Military Government (US).
In almost all European countries tele-
communications services as well as pos-
tal services are a function of governments
The nature of these services is suchthat
administration at the highest level is nec-
essary in order to provide uniform pol-
icies, regulations and procedures. The
US plan, in conformance with the agree-
ment reached at Potsdam to administer
Germany as a single economic unit, prov-
ides for the ultimate establishment of a
central German Department of Communi-
cations and Posts for all of Germany, to
be located in Berlin. To avoid admin-
i'strative confusion, the proposed organiza-
tion, :as planned, will be formed into a
-a body similar to the pre-V-E Day Min-
istry of Posts.
When it became apparent that the for-
mation of a central German Department
for Communications and Posts would be
indefinitely delayed, it was considered
desirable and necessary that a, German
authority be 'established to administer
Reichspost activities for the entire US
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