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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 37 (April 1946)

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shock ... It is granted that the process
lof re-education is a long and costly ione.
But it is good insurance against war..;"
Relating delays in the Nuremberg War
Criminal Trials to the continued zeal of
Hitlerites, the Christian Science Monitor
of Boston declared:-
"Seizure of 1000 young Germans sus-
pected iof trying to revive Hitlerism is
'only the latest warning that Nazism is
not finished. The 'boastful defiance -of
Goering -at the Nuremberg Trial,; the ef-
forts of von Ribbentrop. to revive the iold
Hitler 'justifications' for. every aggres-
sion; the bolder line of German press 'and
people, iand evidence that American sol-
diers iare being hoodwinked by 'fraulein
propaganda' - all these have pointed to
'a perilous failure to destroy Nazism.
While the situation does not -sug-
gest that there is, danger of an,' armed
uprising against 'occupation forces at pre-
sent, the prospect for the future is not
pleasant unles's more progress is made
in basic reforms...
'"'There has been considerable purging
'of Nazi literature and a check on German
nationalistic propaganda. But woefully
little hals been. done to help the Germans
understand the wrongness of warmaking.
The prosecution case built up at Nurem-
berg has not been so widely heard or
read by Germans as the Hitler case
,against the Allies was. And now we have
the. 'ld. Nazis coming out and daring. to
reaffirm that case.
Even less has been done in a posit-
ivie way to help the, Germans learn values
and habitual pratice iof free ways...
"Piossibly the mlost demoralizing failure.
has been the extent to which war crim-
inals have escaped. Anti-Nazis who strug-
gled long years against the -gangsters
must be profoundly discouraged to see
.them overlooked.. or protected:. by the Al- -Unless Jus tice Jackson succeedsat
eNuremb!erg in mak-ing his indictm~ent'of N'a-
zi !organizations stick,the hope -of disgrac-
,ing, much less punishing, thousands of
Nazis will vanish. New incentives and
new  prestige will be acquired by all
undergrounds seeking to revive Hitlerism.
"Some things can still be done. The
Allies can stick together. Dissension
,among them gives the Nazis their best
hope. Civilians can take over occupation
ta~sks except pfolicing. They may recog-
nize better that mental disarmament is,
as necessary as physical disarmament.
Above all, the Allies can resolve to.'.stay
in Germany until a new generation has
been educated."
Calling economic rehabilitation of. the
Reich a necessary prologue to elimination
of Nazism, New Orlean Times-Picayune
We may as well 'except new con-
spiracies, new  underground efforts by
Nazi irreconcilables to capitalize and ex-
ploit German discontent with presient con-
ditions. They find their opportunity in
the continued distr'ess of the German
people -and the'painfully long-drawn delay
'of the Allied program for the country's
reorga.nization' and rehabilitation..
It 'appears to  The New York Times
that "more than. anyone 'except the top
:piolicy makers, the administrators in Ger-
many are working out- the pattern: of
peace. Nevertheless ... because civilians
lof 'the right caliber . are. apparently. haid
to find,- the ! ocupation .will ..continue pre-
;dominantly. military... Major General John
H. ' Hildring will act as -liaison officer
between the State Department and the Mi-
litaryGovernment. This... a.stbep forward
'in coordingting policy and execution.:
.:.The.. -San-Francisco Chronicle, states
:thalt:; '"The .-Ruhr.. is probably t.e key
-economoic questioa. in.CentraL a nd Westexn
tEurope,- but it must be solved.': Just wNhat
is American policy?".: .

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