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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 35 (April 1946)

Press comments,   pp. 21-23 PDF (1.3 MB)

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ress Cuomments
II . ,
To decide the disposition of German-
held assets in Switzerland - estimated by
American  investigators  at 750,000,000
dollars - slays the  New York Times,
Fr~ance. Frear that
the   Swiss   have
"agreed to send a
special  representa-
tive to Washington
*... to confer with the
US,   Britain  and
Germany will make
another comeback within a few years, as
she did lafter the last war" had up to
now, it is believed, deterred the Swiss
from 'taking any action in this matter.
Officials of the Political Activity Sec-
tion 'of American Military Government
are reported by the New York Herald
Tribune a~s saying: "The January telec-
tions... represented merely 'politics in
a vacuum... nothing but a registration
of what people, aside from Nazis, used
to be politically."'
All Berlin is aware, says The New
York Times "that kidnappings of ploli-
tically strategic individuals have reached
such proportions that matters have been
carried to a, conclave of the Group Con-
trol Council and that a four-power in-
vestigation has been ordered."
Strong representations are being re-
ceived by the Austrian government from
the occupying powers, reports The New
York Times, to cooperate in a. search
for German assets in, Austria.!
In the opinion of Sidney Hiliman, vice-
president of the CIO, who just spent six
weeks on the continent, says the, New
York Herald Tribune,, the revived trade
unions are the greatest driving force for
democracy in Germany.-Mr. Hillmian says
the trade unionists are the real anti-
Nazi people and "recommended that sup-
port of the labor movement be extended."
To remedy the peculiarly tolerant atti-
tude of many American troops toward
Germans as revealed by a recent poll,
the Idaho Statesman
suggests that sol-
diers "have patient-
-i -ly explained to them
_ __  the reasons for the
late war, the rea-
sons for the occupation, and the many
reasons why the Germans were not
as appealing and 'wronged' in war as they
purport to be in peace. If not, the whole
occupation program is in danger ol
It is interesting to observe, says an
Omaha Herald editorial, that "the snarled
situation in Germany has been accomplish-
ed through the 'cooperation' of the major
Allies. The smooth, friction-free occupa-
tion in Japan has been almost exclusively
an American job. It will be interesting

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