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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 17 (November 1945)

Highlights of policy,   pp. 5-9 PDF (2.4 MB)

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The Minister Presidents of the three Lander in the U. S. Zone: left to right,
Dr. Wilhelm H6gner (Bavaria);
Dr. Reinhold Maier (North Wurttemberg-Baden, chairman of the Council for
the first three months of its
existence; and Professor Dr. Karl Geiler (Great Hesse).
common interest to the three Lander.
The Council has executive authority
only in the three Minister Presidents
who head it, and who serve suc-
cessively as chairman for three-month
Since a great deal of the work of
the Council is functional in character,
committees working under the direc-
tion of the Secretariat were considered
necessary by the Minister Presidents.
The first committees appointed are
studying the problems of evacuation
and resettlement, food, 'electricity and
transportation. Additional committees,
to deal with agriculture, economics,
industry and export and import were
authorized, but appointments were
deferred until a later date. All three
Lander have representation on each
committee, as well as in the Se-
cretariat itself.
At the head of the Secretariat is a
Secretary General. This post has not
yet been filled. At their first meeting,
the Minister Presidents considered
Dr. Friedrich Sitzler, a former Minister
of Labor, for the position, but certain
of his writings came to light in the
interval between the two meetings
which threw doubt on the suitability
of the appointment. A Secretary Ge-
neral will be appointed prior to the
next meeting of the Council, scheduled
for December 4th.
Advising and supervising the Coun-
cil is the Regional Government Co-
ordinating Office, a Military Govern-
ment agency operating directly under
the Deputy Military Government. At
the head of this office is a Senior
Representative, who has under him a
small staff. Functional experts will be
requested as advisers when needed to
assist in the solution of technical pro-
In order to strengthen the general
authority of the several Lander in the

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