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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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CE ditoria1 Note: besides the foraeoing report which, except for a
few ge1letions, was delivere1 to the editors conference, the following
intro --uctory al-Iress was also -iren on this occasion by Mr. Beck.)
,"I am happy and proud that we are together on this occasion. I wa
to thr.ank and welcome the trade union editors and officials for comiz
-nd I  want to thank the Manpower Di-v-ision for its courtesy an' help in
bringing us together.
uI wish to say first things first -- to say an-i to emphasize thin
impor-tant things about this conference at the very beginning.          
"That you, the editors and reprbseatativjs of the (erman trade uti
and I , a trae.o union editor from anerica, are meeting together to dish
the p aroblems of the trade union press -- that we are conferring togeih:
';with  the help of the United States Governm.nt -- this is a fact that-i
in it. self far more important than the observations which I will shott
repor t to you.
vMany representatives of a variety of fi lds have been sent over-
by tj. e United States Governmant to help in the rebailding of Gormany:.
only  one of those many. But it is a sign of the tiaes, a recognition -
growi ng importance of the unions in ,merica that the Government invite
me to   coi. to Germany to studY the trade union press. lore important,
espec l ally in the eyes of the Goverr_, nt, is the knowledge that the t
uniouL press is a strong and unique instrument for the building of deo
"I am humble in cosi' erin     I my goo  luck in having been selecteTd
first   trade uniont editor in -mcrica to traei-l in that particular capae
to a Iforeign country.
an delighted because of the chance it gave me to become acquai
with   trale unionists on this side of the Atlantic.
'Before I proceed to r;Lport to you what I reported two days ago,
i4anpcp;7cr Director, let .u rLpeat: The real importance of this meoting
that -we editors of the workin.., people Is press are talking things over,
It Ia    in that fraternal spirit that I offer my observations."   

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