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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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The trade union press up to date has been porforain, an excellent job
of providing analytical co'r ant on ths econoiaic issues of the day - on
currency reform, for instancĀ¢. Comment of this typo is nueossary and
always be needed.
Put I hav3 felt that there has boen a lack of news as such - about the
many varied activities of persons and or-anizations. Certainly, papers that
appear only twice a month cannot bo vnry nc.-isy, but with the change to
weakly publication it may be expected that the pape;rs will give   reater
emphasis to roportinag rather than co.aentinfl.
i numb-r of tra-la unionists have expressed the opinion to me that the
union papers should confine theoaselvus fo printing thoughtful and explanator
articles and leavoe the reportin. of news to the daily papers whose businass
is the handling of new-s.
In answer to this, I think that the trade union press can legitikately
incroas- its interest in reporting of news as. such for the following roason-
1 -  In the absence of but a few ru    daily papers and in view of
the inadequacy of the Zen;ral a~wspap.ers, the trade union press could help
a grveat deal in supplying nev-s vihich now is not published, especially
matters of special concern to workers such, for exaeipl3, as activities of
dorks councils and labor courts.
2 - .;;uch of tho labor news that appears in the daily press is mea a.e r10
or inaccurately presented.
3 -  So:ea trale unioaists are droaaina, of, perhaps plannin., a daily ,
trade uniol lac.spapr.
Such dreams require interost and understandia- of news and of the
reading desires of tho rank and file. Daily labor newspapers to be successk
ful will have to makc their w-ay in coipetition with other papers and will
have to satisfy their custoI.ars by pretty m.1uch the sami6 methods as those
which make other papers sucevssful.
Part of the infor;eation requiremeats of meany trade: unionists will be
filled by the inaevitabAle ci rg.nce of regular publications of individual
unions, such as thoso of the railroad workers -ld the coal iners in the
Ruhr. These publications will satisfy an. important n~ed for news of affair>
conoernling their respective inclustries and trades but they will be
specialized in scope and will not dimninish the need fir trale union paper6,
of broad genural intorost ranging froe the local community to internatiogo
:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- 0.-

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