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Cook, Alice Hanson / Bavarian trade union youth

Brown, H. W.
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German trade unions are today giving increasing attention
to group work in their programs for youth. The present report
by Mrs. Alice Hanson Cook is a description of work being done
by certain trade union youth groups in Bavaria. Mrs. Cook
was a fortunate choice for this assignment. She has had a
rich experience with group work in the American trade unions.
She is also an experienced and capable group leader.
A primary feature of this report is the emphasis placed
by Mrs. Cook on discussion as a teaching method, the importance
of which should not be underestimated. Teaching by the
discussion method is an art not easy to master. It is much
easier to lecture, but a democratic learning process is better
achieved if there can be an exchange of experience and thought
between teacher and youth. This observation applies with
special force to German trade union youth. They are, with
rare exceptions, earnestly intent on learning, and most of
these young people are already capable of mature judgment.
The use of discussion methods with such trade union youth
groups should be productive of excellent results.
At the close of this report Mrs. Cook has made a number
of recommendations. These have grown out of her own observations
and are supported by a wide experience in trade union group
work. I am sure that these recommendations will receive the
careful consideration of German trade unions.
H. W. ~Brown
Office of Labor Affairs

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