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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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6. Vocational Schools: The general youth program of a number of unions,
particularly of the Jaetal.*iorkers calls for closer cooperation-between
advisory coi~aittees of the trade schools and the trade unions. Gloecklert
assistant superintendent of trade schools in charge of handwork trades, says
that he is ready to begin work to this end. de and the unions also agree
establishing studerat councils which should work for closer cooperation betweer
teacher and student, and xhich' the unions see as a kind of grievance coamittee
for the students..
T4he unions are also asking for meateri'4l on trade unions to be included
in the carriculul. loecklor points to tLe need for re-training vocational
school teachers if the curriculum is to be enlarged particularly in the direct
of the inclusion of Lyoro social studies. Vocational schools in Stuttgart
badly da.aged by boabig, operating as a rule only half of the required
nuiiber of hours, have no books or otner schoolDreaterials.
Radio: Frau Von Feldmann, in charge of womants broadcast, has used a number
trade unionists and youth leaders on her prograas and is anxcious to work
further in this direction. £harl Euanze, in charge of Schulfunk, would
be glad
to be helpful either through his own pro.grams or in general advice on use
1. Youth a.rks Secretary: Seiler
*Thu general plan is to hav; one central. group of trade union.youth which
i.oots weekly or oftener at the Youth Home. The secretary is opposed to buildir
individual union youth groups bc.cause he feels it will tend to divide instead
of bring youth together.. *is one group has about 30 active members. The
includs sdhooling~at the Youth HMn. near Bremean, regular discussion evenings,
outside speakers on trade union subjects, hikes, :ausic, and dramatics.-Tho
group is not growving very rapidly.
Recently a group for young electricians was organized whose activity has
proven the :Qost popular. Th,2- gr6up has undertaken the wiring of the Youth
£he Youth Ho.1le is a central building open to all Bramen youth groups,
the direction of a young aan named BDolhrnesen. Edwiin Ladd. of ER'U. works
Ritz Boehrnes._n, and Hans 'arninghoff of the Jugendeat is active in leader-
ship training and social work for youth. Trade union youth and Kinderfreunde
joined with all other youth groups in running a training camp for camp leadera
The training session lasted four days at the Minderfrounde cheap, under the
direction of Hans a'arninghoff andianneI-arie Mlevissen and with the help
several public schoolteachers. The coup held no formal lectures, but. had
cussions of the problems of setting up programs, builaing a cooperative group1
establishing camp discipline, etc. out of the problems which arose in the
training caiap. These wer, of very faad3aental and serious nature because
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