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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Liberation of prisoners attributed to RIAS broadcast,   p. 44 PDF (381.8 KB)

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Liberation of Prisoners Attributed to RILS Broadcast
On JuneiU, 1952, the RIAS School of the Air Department, in its
special weekly half-hour program for the Soviet Zone called "Knowledge
and- Truth," broadcast a dramatic show under a title that may be rendered
for its real meaning: "they Forgot the Human Element." The play
with a Soviet Zone policeman and a prisoner he is escorting from one
jail to another. When the policeman learns from the prisoner that the lat-
ter is not a criminal, but another victim of the Communist regime, he de-
cides to escort the prisoner and himself to political asylum in the West.
RIAS received a letter, dated June 21, 1952, from Iren 4i6singer,
now a political refugee in West Berlin. In translation, the letter reads
as follows:
"UTyldear RIAS:
On June 17, 1952, at about 15 hours, I listened to the broadcast
'They Forgot the Human Element' while I was in Frankfurt on the Oder.
I had been pondering the liberation of two poor, sick people, who were
suffering behind prison walls. As head of the district attorney's office.
for Frankfurt on the Oder I had already returned many people to freedom,
among them several W1est Berliners and a West German. This time I did not
know how to go about/without endangering myself and my family.
The broadcast gripped me so strongly that I carried out the action
and also-warned two other persons of their impending arrest. At nine in
the morning on June 2o I liberated the persons referred to, and at 10 had
to flee myself.
When I woke up this morning I thought of 'They Forgot the Human
Element,' and I was happy that for the first time in seven years I
could get up with the feeling: 'From now on you can say what you think
without hypocrisy or lies."'
On July 19, Herr ioksinger was interviewed at RIAS and was able to
supply details confirming the statements in his letter. The Investigating
Committee: of the League of Free Jurists also confirns the story.
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