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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

A sample commentary by Heinz Frentzel,   pp. 37-38 PDF (817.4 KB)

Page 37

- 36 -
A Sample Comentar        inz' rentze]l  Chief of the Pore Ac    ffairs
Sec tio  j   eber2 2_ i
t I       .
"Good evening
"Looking back at what has happened during the past twelve days' in
Strasbourg, one comes to the conclusion that the situation has changed
considerably and noticeably. The fact that the European Coal & Steel
Community will prepare a draft treaty for a federation or confederations
of the six countries presently participating actually constitutes afun-
damental advance pointing towards a supranational political union of
European countries.
"Development's of such eminent political importance as this one -
once they have been introduced - usually produce their own strong dy-
namics. You cannot turn them back; they move on steadily, at their own
speed. The expressed confidence shown by the Belgian Socialist Paul
henlri Spaak, President of the Coal and- Steel Community, with regard -to
the success of this undertaking is, therefore, absolutely justified. It
is, however, not a-ovisable to expect too much and above all not to ex-
pect it too cuickly.
' "The debate of the free European nations here in Strasbourg re-
vealed that even the most eager advocates of the political federation for
the six Coal and Steel Community countries will not create an exclusive
and self-sufficient federal state or a federation of states, but that
the intended political union is to be effected in close contact with the
other free European nations which are not yet participating in the Com-
munity. This union shall *be nothing more than the nucleus from which an
all European union could develop gradually.
"Therefore the countries not willing to participate in the planned
supranational union of the six have been given an influential voice, but,
of course, no right to vote.
"The fact that Great Britain, the Scandinavian an& the Southeast
European countries wzill also have a voice, will play a decisive role
with regard to the speed 'and the extent of the political union of the
countries of the Coal and Steel Community.
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