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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Sample commentary by Egon Bahr,   pp. 35-36 PDF (737.4 KB)

Page 36

- A.; 35: - . -5
this heinous crime. Nobody w~,ould believe'the first answer, whil1e the
.second-would confirm that such a crime can be committed with Sovie t
approval. In that case, one really can not expect anybody to believe the
Soviet assurances that the Soviet Union wishes the reunif icat~ion of Ger-~
many on the basis of democratic freedom.
ttl is difficult to understand anyhow ,how Germans are expected to-sit
down with such individuals for'discussions before the abducte'd are set free-
or are at least submitted to incontestable 'legal -procedure~s. T~his obviously
does not include trials in which so-called judges attempt to fill their
quota of convictions prior to the deadline. These staged trials, not based
on genuine espionage or sabotaLge evidence,.but only- on monotonously recur-
ring cruelty designed to break the spirit of resistance in the popul~ation-,
will be discussed at a later date'.
'?Even the mechanized uniformity of the trials has a purpose,- that
of-,spreading the poison of habit in the Soviet Zone population,.-But 'it
up to every individual in thme Sovzone as wvell as in the Federal SRepublic
-Berlin to fight and inocculate himself against this poison).. After-this
test, however,, which has become more than a US-Soviet affair, because the
British and French High Comm11issionershave also brought it up, the Soviets.
will have to realize thlat the ',4J,-est is determined to protect and to
t-he princi-ple of freedom of the individual, no matter-how small and insig-
hificant he may be..
"tThe ri ghts of all a--,bd-ucted persons are inalienal  and they will
always remain the first point on the ag~enda when The "Soviets do want
discuss things with us.
- 36 -

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