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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Sample commentary by Martin Koch,   pp. 25-28 PDF (1.6 MB)

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- 26 -
similar ones which might endanger their existence. They endeavored to-
meet their, delivery quotas; otherwise they kept quiet, so as not to give
the Communists a cheap excuse to proceed against them. Besides these two
there are nine&'Altbauern" (farmers who already had land before
the par-
tition of the estates) with land holdings between 2o and 89 acres.
Obviously they are enemies of the producers' co-operative and of course
they are not adherents of the anti-farmer SED regime. However, they did
not take part in the fight and they take great pains not to furnish the
Communists with pretexts wh i ch will enable them to proceed against them.
The interesting fact contained in the article in "ITeues Deutschland"
concerning the events at Friedrichsaue .is that the enemies of the pro-
ducers' co-operative who became so emotional as to engage in a fist-
fight were members of the SED and moreover were not "Altbauern",
belonged to the class of ".'new farmers." In this connection it
is com-
pletely irrelevant that BiUttner formerly owned a large butcher shop in
-Breslau.. HYis estate., in Friedrichsaue is kept up efficiently; and how
he does it is his business, after all.
"Anyhow the "Grossbauern" had nothing to do with the whole
but they get most of the blame.
"W71hat are the consequences of these events? First of all, they
give proof that the Communists are now planning to attribute. every re-
sistance to their intentions to evil machinations by the "Grossbauern,
in order to justify more stringent measures against them. Furthermore,
the Co-mmunists will exploit every opportunity to proceed against the
enemies of the producers' co-operatives in their own ranks as soon as
a plausible excuse offers itself. And third, with .this unusually -large
spread in the papers of such a small and insignificant fist-fight, the
SED issues an unmistakable warning addressed to village mayors and
other functionaries in the rural areas to step up collectivization of
Soviet Zone agriculture.
"What does all this mean for you, our listeners? It indicates
that whereas you should not decrease your resistance, you should be
more careful than some of the farmers in -'riedrichsaue. The founding
of a producers' co-op can be prevented by other means. One can prevent
the joining of producers' co-ops by other means than those applied
- 27

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