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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Comments from occupation groups,   pp. 17-18 PDF (763.1 KB)

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-  17  -
Postal employee, -prmberg:, "For us in the Soviet Zone your daily broad-
casts are a beam of hope and 9onfidence that sustains us in this big
Farm woman, nea  Bitterfeld. June   1j       "No, your broadcasts are
'cyanide,' but balm for a torn heart...."
Craftsman  noad~d~re-ss  June 129 1950: "You are the only station that
shows knowledge and vigor in this fortress of the bolshevist German
Democratic Republic. A faithful Soviet Zone craftsman greets you with
Worker   une 12, 1        I don't need to spend much time saying what you,
dear RIAS, mean to us in the Soviet Zone. Your no ice is as necessary to
us as our daily bread.... Only your broadcasts and the thought of our
families enable us to bear so much."
Housewife from Ohennitz   November",l52: "I h'ave waited for years
for the
opportunity to get to Berlin for the purpose of expressing our sincerest
thanks for the help RIAS has given us."
Di          V. from Duerenber" Saxonye December, 12     "RIAS means
to us
the only mental food we get in the Sovzone. May RIAS keep on as it has
so far: fair, decent and alwiays reporting the truth."
Refugee View: A man now living in Trier writes: "I have been in the
Federal Republic for two weeks. Before that I was a resident of the 'GDR'.
At the moment, unfortunately, we have no radio, so I cannot hear RIAS.
In the Soviet Zone it was my one and all, for it was instructive, it
was entertaining, and above all, it preserved my faith in freedom. I can
tell you that RIAS is popular in the\Soviet Zone and is heard in almost
every household. For people living behind the Iron Curtain, constantly
1P . .
terrorized and politically burdened, it is pleasure and relaxation to hear
the interesting and informative program of RIAS. I wish to thank RIAS in
the name of more than 16 million Germans behind the Iron Curtain for
its blessed work.'
- 18 -

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