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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

The Soviet Zone listeners,   pp. 16-17 PDF (774.8 KB)

Comments from occupation groups,   pp. 17-18 PDF (763.1 KB)

Page 17

- 16 -
C.V.E._from Erfu   f Auri~~j95t2    " sour broadcasts fill the spiritual
needs of Sovzone listeners and are listened to with eager and     vid
Aomuletter from HallMember 1952               allay I thank you for many
unable to do so, for the fact that your station continues to be the
bridge connecting us with the free world. What would the Sovz one be today
without RIAS? Only the future will show how RIAS has strengthened the
resistance and the community spirit."
AnojT2              E     Li3  195_2:"hat should we Soviet Zone residents
without RIAS? We are indebted to RIAS for learning the truth. We are
longing for W~Vest Berlin and its place of culture."
Soviet Zone resident November 22, 1952: " As a Soviet Zone resident
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your daily broad-
casts, which are on such a high level and have become really indispens-
able for us. Your broadcasts constitute the daily bread for all Soviet.-
Zone residents, since they keep us informed on everything that is really
happening in our Zone. If you did not inform us we should never find out
what is going on and our resistance would soon crumble."
Comments from Occupaon Grous
Dr. Wind Lanzrath        ior    ernment counsellor,       Beridb  lx 13
195o: "I have been asked by many residents of Weidai, Thuringia, to
press to RIAS their deepest gratitude for the broadcasts that have,
given them the courage to hold out and continue the struggle."
Anoymous businessman: t"Dear RIAS: Am in Berlin today from Thuringia
and must take this opportunity to express my thanks for your wonderful
news and commentaries.... I am a businessman and meet many people every
day. All of X them are fed up with SBED economy. Tell this to the Americans."
WV.Z, District director in Riesa: "This is a welcome opportunity to
thank you most heartily for your political broadcasts. I do not
exaggerate when stating that it is mainly for your broadcasts that life
appears to me worth living."
- 17 -

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