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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

The Soviet Zone listeners,   pp. 16-17 PDF (774.8 KB)

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15  -
The Soviet Zone Listeners
(At the beginning of October, 195o, RIAS was receiving about 5,000
political letters a month from the Sovi et Zone. This figure had decreased.
considerably by 1952 because of internal controls and pressures in the
Soviet Zone. The following excerpts are chosen almost at random from the
files of the station's Political Department.)    --
Fraeule in X71.X.,       Can.____               ___ Ho15, 1)4hndo9:
Fraulen iJ@T S  efuee  ampT.-oL-zscen 2_SBavar'a  Octo _e
"RIAS is -like a beloved son of America whom America has sent to Germany
to pour consolation and hope into troubled, discouraged hearts."
Frau A.A. Eberswalde, December 12949: "It is like being in church
i-   . .1     9.
when we hear something from RIAS that consoles us."
Anonyous,                            "Listening to you, I feel less
lated and brought closer to all of you. It delights Be to hear howvell
informed you are on conditions here."
R.F., no address Iy       1        Al : " I can say without intending
flatter you that the entire Soviet Zone population listens to RHS."
E . .,  kla    Jul  S _1950: "Vie listen to your broadcasts gladly because
they keep us in touch with the spirit of the West."
Annous      Potsdm    _    95o: "iWe regard RIAS as our station,
though the Soviets may call it the station of monopoly capitalism and
so forth."
A woman of     from the AovzoneJiarch 5, 1951: " ve are so glad and
thankful to you for the service you render us day by day. stied only wish
that you keep on with your work, remain superior to your enemies on the
air and keep contact with us as the 'big friend.', I mean the real one
(not the one of 'Eastern' origin), for us who are barred from the 'Jest.
You are the only one informing us of the truth and of world events!tt
A businessman from Dresdene.          1 195: " Yur broadcasts are a
blessing for our tormented hearts. iWe are on your side and vie -are ex-
tremely thankful for s ur enlightenment, warnings and hints."
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