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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

RIAS spews poison,   pp. 10-12 PDF (1.2 MB)

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"RIAS music broadcasts of Tschaikowsky or Iussorgsky have nothing in
common with the original compositions except for the notes - everything
else, the expression, the pace, the rhythm are falsified. This is, of
course, done expressly. RIAS does not want the listeners to realize the
beauty of classical Russian music, but to find it dull. This, too, is
nothing but anti-Soviet agitation....
"The _hirt-sleeved US      a gda eatures probably fully convinced of
their smartness, have come to the conviction that thousandas like to
listen to dance or entertainment music broadcast with technical perfection,
and when broadcasts of vital importance to RIAS like news, commentaries,
etc., are put on, these listeners are too lazy to switch off the radio....
"To serve its purpose, RIAS tries through its broadcasts to shake our
confidence in our own moral, economic, cultural and political strength....
"In their agitating campaign against the collective contracts and against
the National Reconstruction Program they try to sabo      the creation of
new social consciousness and, the new 'attitude towards work....
tiOur measures for the protection and separation of the Zone and Sector,
which RIAS is lamenting have become necessary because of RIAS     tation
to hamper our reconstruction and to frustrate our friendship with the
Soviet Union
"Every RIAS broadcast is hostile to peace. Every RIAS broadcast means
agitation against the Soviet Union because it is the strongest bulwark
of peace in the whole world. All anti-Soviet agitation bears the
character of a preparation for war
"We have not issued a law ex~picitly rohibiting listenintoIAS
and other hostile radio stations. This would do too much'honor for
RIAS and the kindred Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk. While the 'enemy'.
stations of the last war were the voices of conscience and the voices
of truth, RIAS is the voice of crime and lies....
"Listening to RIAS is forbidden to every fair thinking man by the law
of decency. He who wants to be 'informed' by RIAS neither knows the
RIAS character nor has any character himself....
"Anybody listening to RIAS takes up its poison and will never remain
immune against it. He loses immunity and will become by and by an
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