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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

The Soviet German anti-RIAS campaigns,   pp. 8-9 PDF (750.7 KB)

Anti-RIAS press campaign,   pp. 9-10 PDF (799.3 KB)

Page 9

The stories and comments from Communist sources reproduced here
give a fair picture of Communist concern with BIAS broadcasts. That they
do not reveal is that amnong 7'AiS's  regular listeners are Communist
functionaries on all levels. Reliable visitors from the Sovi et Zone have
reported the fact again and again. In some tovwns of the Zone, meetings of,
the -Socialist Unity Party or other CommLnist organizations cannot be
started as early in the evening as the leaders wish. Until 8.oo p.m.,
too many members are listening to the nightly program "Berlin Speaks
the Zone." Prior to the severance of Soviet Sector telephone connections,
rIdS staff members tested these reports by telephoning, under false names,
prominent leaders of the Soviet German regime and expressing concern over
something just broadcast.'The usual response was positive. For instance,
on October 5, 195o,0  a member of the RIIAS Political Department telephoned
State Secretaryr ,underlich at his East Berlin home. Announcing himself as
vice-chairman of a-- Soviet Sector "peace committee," the staff
member asked
Wunderlich if he had heard RIAS's special broadcasts calling on East Ber-
liners to take part in the ration-card balloting for all-Berlin elections.
┬Âunderlich's reply was: "Yes, yes, -we're all listening to the
Tomorrow we will discuss what to do about them.1'I
A political refugee recently wrote: WFor three years I was a
member of the TLiberal Democratic Rarty and mayor of a small town in the
Soviet Zone. At 1230 and l930 (hours of two important. RIAS newscasts)
everyone sat by the radio receiver. Even 'ED meetings could not be
scheduled before 2000 hours. At a meeting of the National Front our State
Councillor declared, 'I know you all listen to iLBS. It complicates our
work a great deal."'
Anti - RIAS Press Cqmaig
"Yo'esstimme" , Madebur, September 22 ,952:
The "Volksstimme"f reports on the trials against agents and spies:
"In public discussions the population has shown its contempt for EAS
criminals and agents and a resolution was adopted calling for the en-
lightenment of neighbors about the infamous lies. I
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