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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

What people say about RIAS: the Western press,   pp. 6-8 PDF (1.2 MB)

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What people say about-- RIAS
The Western Press
"Der Ta    "RIAS servres the truth. All who are familiar with the
situation of Berlin will know at once what that means. RIAS's steadily
increasing success in doing justice to its mission is proved by the many
vicious libels and shouts of rage from the enemy camp.... RIAS registers
every political shock with the precision of a seismograph."
"Teleg'f..Illustriertetl: "RIAS penetrates the Iron Curtain. The
of Central Germany - otherwise almost entirely delivered over to the
Communist propaganda roller - are enthusiastic RIAS listeners. As in the
Nazi period, listening to a station of the free world is veiry dangerous
for them."
Dr    sie      t   "Berlin' s radio towers are-actually lighthouses,
beaming political warnings and directions so that people can find the
right way even in heavy fog and against strong opposing winds. Let it be
said here with all emphasis that RIAS fully recognizes its mission as a
"fler Sozialdemokrat": "tRIAS hag made itself the spokesman
Qf the Soviet
Zone population ....  Every day many visitors give RIAS their thanks for
the work of enlightenment which it accomplishes in their-interest."
1    c2aM'r:er Echo": "These broadcasts" (to the Soviet Zone)
"created com-
plete chaos in the NIKVD's spy service."
"Das Freie Wort": .tIn spite of all efforts at intimidation the
in the Zone ... listen to RIAS ... in the knowledge that the voice of
truth is brought to them....
Neue Zuercher Zeitung": "RIAS is the main support of Western propaganda
in the Russian-occupied area."
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