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Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Population changes, 1947 : U.S. Zone Germany

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________________POPULATION CHANGES 1947.
In the last months of the war when the eastern front moved westward,
many women and children previously evacuated to the eastern part of Germay
were shipped to Denmark. Since the end of the war Denmark has been endeavoring
to return this population. Inter-Allied arrangements have been made for their
return to Germany and for their distribution among the zones. Through such
arrangement 12,100 persons were transferred into the U.S. Zone in the course
of 1947.
The influx of German civilian population from outside the German
boundaries, therefore, was only 22,600. Since total immigration into the
Zone in 1947 is calculated at 442,000, more than 95 percent of all immigrants
came from other sources.
C. Intersonal Immigration
Among these other sources, the most important consists of immigration
frogs the other zones and Berlin. Controlled interzonal immigration of refugees
in 1947 amounted to 70,600, of which number 83.2 percent came from the Soviet
Zone. See Table VTI.
U.S. ZONE IN 1947
Source                      Number                Percent
British Zone                      562                  0.8
Soviet zone                    58,753                 83.2
French Zose                    11,293                 16.0
Total                          70.608                100.0
Controlled movement of refugees, however, comprised only a small part
of interzonal Immigration. Uncontrolled immigration, that is, immigration
persons whose basis of entry is not known, totaled 128,400 in 1947. To obtain
a clear picture of the problem and an appraisal of this total, some explanation
is necessary.
The figure of 128.400 is the difference between the increase of popu-
lation less excess of births over deaths, and all types of immigration and
gration for which figures have been reported. Any inaccuracies in the statistics
used in this analysis, therefore, influence the size of what is termed "uncon-
trolled' Immigration. Emigration statistics, for instance, are incomplete
as no
figures are available either on the emigration of Germans to foreign countries
or on the uncontrolled emigration from the U.S. Zone to other zones, e.g.,
British Zone. As will be shown later, an estimated figure of 10,000 is assumed
in the emigration table for all such types of emigration. However, the net
balance of all immigration and emigration figures is fixed by the ration
count increase less excess of births over deaths. One must keep in mind'that
these reasons the above figure on uncontrolled immigration is not completely
liable. However, it can be stated with certainty that the figure of 128,400
the net balance of all unknown immigration and emigration movements.
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