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Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 / Personal recollections and observations of General Nelson A. Miles embracing a brief view of the Civil War, or, From New England to the Golden Gate: and the story of his Indian campaigns, with comments on the exploration, development and progress of our great western empire

Chapter XXXIX. Incidents of the Apache campaign,   pp. 506-518 PDF (4.7 MB)

Page 507

were killed, The husband was tied up and compelled to witness inde-
scribable tortures inflicted upon his wife until she died. The terrible
ordeal rendered him temporarily insane, and as the Apaches, like most
Indians, stand in great awe of an insane person, they set him free as
soon as thev discovered his mental condition; but otherwise he would
never have been allowed to live. He was afterward found by his friends
wanderint about the place.
   His daughter, who was about thirteen years old. was captured by the
Indians and carried by them three hundred miles, hotly pursued by P'ap-
tain L awLt ou ns
they met a party
sisting of sixty or
T he  Mexicans
the Indians. kill-
wounding t h e
ried the little
biling her to es-
thian's horse was
sanie time, thus
sible for him to
mnanjder of the
treated. so he
and stood off the
seventy Mexi-
seven of them
wvas shot through
  Our conimand
outfit that had
(n WnI tlh sfilnP
commana, when
of Mexicans con-
seventy m e n
fired a volley on
ing a woman and
mnan who car-
girl, thus ena-
cape.  This In-
killed a t t h e
making it imnpos-
follow the re-
party as they re-
took to the rocks,
entire sixty or
cans. killing
each of whom
the head.
had followed the
the little girl,
(1 1T  +TI9 q + b i
s k i r Iii s h oc-     CAPTAIN LEONARD WOOD.      curred with the
Mexicans we had been able to get near enough to fire at them, but it was
too late in the day to accomplish anything, and the next morning at
daybreak we were again on their trail following as fast as possible, when
our scouts caine rushing back, saying they had met a large body of Alex-
ican troops  Captain Lawton, Lieutenant Finley, and myself went onl foot
as rapidly as we could to try to overtake themn but they were iii full re-
treat and we had to follow them about six miles before we could catch
them. As we approached, the whole party covered us with their rifles and
seemed very much excited. They proved to be the very party who had

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