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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

V. C. Berlin program,   pp. 137-138 PDF (543.1 KB)

Page 137

1. To attain the program objectives of an integrated Public Affairs
program in Berlin, a deputy Public Affairs officer should be
responsible for the planning and direction of all activities in
that city. Headquarters' responsibilities should be the same
for Berlin as recommended for other Public Affairs regions.
2. The Berlin America House program should be completely and con-
tinuously integrated with all other Public Affairs activities
3. The America House should, in the integration, concentrate on
those activities for which it is best qualified, that is:
a. The development of a major lecture and discussion program
for selected and specialized civic and professional groups,
both inside the America House and through the branches.
Mass audiences should not be sought.
b. An intensive library service, both in the America House and
through its branches.
c. Aside from the Sunday film showings for the East Sector and
East zone audiences, films should not be shown by the America
House except in conjunction with programs provided to select
and specialized groups.
d. Musical programs should be provided by the America House
only if they fit in directly with other program themes
being presented. Concerts provided for mass or miscel-
laneous audiences should be the responsibility of other
Public Affairs elements in Berlin.
e. Recommendations made regarding the extent of English lang-
uage instruction, children's programs, and the exhibits
program in other America Houses should apply to Berlin.
f. During the next year, the present graphics arts staff member
should continue to conduct the graphics training course at
the America House. The bulk of the output, however, should
be utilized in exhibits outside the America House.
4. The America House should have prime responsibility for the
development of joint programs with other Berlin institutions
and organizations.
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