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Keeling, Ralph Franklin, 1901- / Gruesome harvest

Preface,   pp. VII-VIII PDF (565.5 KB)


England, because treatment of the British Isles as our first line
of defense in the Atlantic is one of the imperatives of our
present foreign policy.
Union between Soviet Russia and a sovietized Germany
would mean war. To prevent war, we must therefore prevent
the fruition of Russia's design. Hence, it becomes necessary
that we attract Germany to our side and keep her there.
The situation demands a thorough review of our German
program, followed by whatever changes are required to estab-
lish a decent peace and prevent the Germans from feeling com-
pelled by desperation to go over to the Russians.
The time has come for frank admission of past mistakes and
courageous facing of hard facts. It is necessary for the Ameri-
can people to become thoroughly acquainted with what has
been going on and to see to it that the proper corrective steps
are taken and taken promptly.
This book is offered as a contribution to that end. It sets
forth in plain terms just what has happened in Germany, be-
cause such knowledge is essential both to apprehend the Ger-
man point of view and to become acquainted with the status
quo from which we must proceed with remedial measures. It
outlines the nature of Russia's design, together with a descrip-
tion of the mistakes we have made in falling so deeply into
her trap. And finally it presents some suggestions for a peace
settlement with Germany which would be at once just and

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