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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

With American boys in the Alps,   pp. 85-86 PDF (424.3 KB)

Where Patton lived,   p. 86 PDF (205.7 KB)

Scenes in Austria,   pp. 86-87 PDF (449.2 KB)

Page 86

The boys took me about and proudly showed me their homes.
They were living in "liberated" Bavarian houses-schlosses that
have lovely decorative paintings on the outside walls representing
fairy tales, religious themes, etc. We looked up to Bavarian gables
that were quaint, artistic sights.
The little village looks as if it never knew there was such a thing
as war; the only evidence of it is the presence of the G.I.s.
Where Patton Lived
General Patton lives across the lake in a "liberated" villa.
Patton was away-we did not see him.
I observed kindling wood piled neatly against a house. It was
the most orderly stacking of wood I have ever seen. The edges
looked as if they had been filed, so neatly were they arranged.
The village as usual was spotless.
We motored down the autobahn through the beautiful Bavarian
country, passing the Chiam See, large mountain lake.
All the bridges on the way were blown out by the retreating
Germans but our Army had quickly constructed detours. We
were continually greeted with signs, "This detour constructed by
the 101st Engineers," etc., etc., showing that our Army engineers
have great pride in their work.
Scenes in Austria
Arrived at Salzburg, Austria, in time for lunch and were quar-
tered at a fine hotel with attractive rooms. Everywhere we saw
lines upon lines of American trucks. There were hundreds of
demolished German planes on an airfield there. The only damage
done to Salzburg was to the beautiful cathedral.

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