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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Sights in Copenhagen,   pp. 60-63 PDF (944.5 KB)

Strafing on the flight back to Bremen,   pp. 63-65 PDF (695.0 KB)

Page 63

Our host said to me, "We are a clean people. We teach our
children to wash always before meals. We preach cleanliness."
He said, "We need coal very badly. We are forced to burn
peat and unless we can get coal, our industries cannot function
for export."
Our host then drove us out to a little suburb called Klampen-
borg, and we stopped at Bellevue Terrace, a beautiful hotel on
the Baltic. Here we could see the Swedish coast, fifteen miles
across sea.
Wherever one goes, he is given beer. First you drink schnapps,
which is a distilled caraway seed drink, fiery like vodka, and then
after your schnapps, you drink beer as a "chaser."
The British are everywhere in Copenhagen-they are again
starting to do business. Britain, of course, buys butter, bacon, and
farm products from Denmark.
In the evening we entertained RAF officers and their girls at
the Coq d'Or restaurant-the check for the fine meal for twenty,
with appropriate wines, etc., was $100.
All over Europe you are told that Copenhagen and Stockholm
are the two best cities in Europe today.
Strafing on the Flight back to Bremen
Tuesday, August 7
Noel Vincent, with another marvelous Mosquito, flew us to
Bremen. We flew over the gorgeous Danish farm lands, across
the Baltic, and entered Germany at Lubeck. The Mosquito will
only accommodate two persons-the pilot and the navigator. The
navigator sat on an oil can between my legs while I sat in his
seat alongside Noel, the pilot. We were cruising at 350 miles an
hour at an altitude of about 200 feet.

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