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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Law for liberation from National Socialism and Militarism (German legislation), 5 March 1946, as amended and annotated,   pp. 52-97 PDF (13.5 MB)

Page 53

1. To liberate our people from National Socialism and Mili-
tarism and to secure a lasting base for German democratic national
life in peace with the world, all those who have actively supported
the National Socialist tyranny, or are guilty of having violated the
principles of justice and humanity, or of having selfishly exploited
the conditions thus created, shall be excluded from influence in
public, economic and cultural life and shall be bound to make
2. Everyone who is responsible shall be called to account. At
the same time he shall be afforded opportunity to vindicate himself.
1. The individual shall be judged by a just consideration of his
individual responsibility and his actual conduct, taken as a whole.
In accordance therewith there shall be determined in just gra-
dation the extent of sanctions and of exclusion from participation
in the public, economic and cultural life of the people, in order to
eliminate permanently the influence of National Socialistic and
Militaristic conduct and ideas.
2. External criteria, such as membership of the NSDAP, any
of its formations or other organizations, shall not be decisive by
themselves alone for the degree of responsibility under this Law.
They may be taken as important evidence as to a person's conduct
as a whole, but may be overcome, wholly or partly, by evidence to
the contrary. Conversely, non-membership by itself is not decisive
to absolve one of responsibility.
M. G. Anno:
The Law for Liberation has four main objectives: (1) to provide
just and effective procedures for judging every individual ac-
cording to the degree of his responsibility for the wrongs com-
mitted by the Nazi regime; (2) to impose upon those found respon-
sible definite sanctions designed to eliminate their influence
in the community and to bar them from public office and positions
of responsibility in important private undertakings; (3) to provide
opportunities for rehabilitation through probation for lesser of-
fenders; and, (4) to remove disqualifications from exonerated per-
sons and from followers (nominal Nazis) who have paid their fines
and against whom no employment sanctions have been invoked
(MGR 2-110 ).
1. In order to seek out all persons responsible and to carry
out this Law, a registration procedure is 'hereby established.
2. Every German above the age of 18 will fill out and submit
a registration form.
3. Detailed regulations will be issued by the Minister for
Political Liberation.
M. G. Anno:
For details concerning the duty to register, procedures there-
fore, means of enforcing registration, and the obligation of the
0 APRIL 1948
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