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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Military Government- Germany, United States Zone, law No. 8 (prohibition of employment of members of Nazi party in positions in business other than ordinary labor and for other purposes) and regulation No. 1 under the law, 26 September 1945,   pp. 49-51 PDF (933.8 KB)

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In order to provide a uniform interpretation and application
of Law No. 8 and to place responsibility upon the German people
for the elimination of Nazi influence in business enterprises, it is
hereby ordered:
1. Purpose and Scope of the Law. Employmert of any member
of the Nazi Party or of its affiliate organizations in any position
other than in ordinary labor is a criminal offense under this law.
The law punishes employers, employees, and all other persons
who act in violation of it. Under this law employers have an
affirmative duty to investigate the truth of statements made by
employees or applicants for employment regarding their member-
ship in the Nazi Party or its affiliate organizations. It is also an
offense under this law for any person employed or seekingv ^-
ployment to make false or misleading statements or to c  II
the facts regarding his membership or activities in the Pa   Jr
its affiliates. The law contains a procedure for appeals to remedy
errors and injustices. However, Military Government will act
swiftly to punish all persons who do not immediately comply
with this law.
2. Definitions. For the purposes of this law:
a. The term "affiliate organizations" means the following: SS
(Schutzstaffeln); SA (Sturmabteilungen); NSKK (NS-Kraftfahr-
korps); NSDoB (NS-Deutscher Dozentenbund); NSDStB (NS-Deut-
scher Studentenbund); NSF (NS-Frauenschaft); HJ (HitlerJugend);
BdM (Bund deutscher Midel).
b. The term "member of the Nazi Party or of its affiliate
organizations" means any person who has ever been a member
of any such organization but does not include a person who, ac-
cording to German law, was compelled to become a member and
serve in the Hitler Jugend or Buxd deutscher Madel, or was con-
scripted into the Waffen SS after 1 March 1944, provided he did
not become an officer of the Hitler Jugend or Bund deutscher
Mddel or an officer or non-commissioned officer of the Waffen SS.'
c. The term "actively engaged in any of the activities of the
Nazi Party or its affiliated organizations" (applicable to appeals
under paragraph 5 of the Law) shall include any member of the
Nazi Party or of its affiliate organizations who has
(1) held office or otherwise been active at any level, from local
to national in the Nazi Party and the organizations listed
in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Military Government Law No. 5,
or in organizations whidh further militaristic doctrines;
(2) authorized or participated affirmatively in any Nazi crimes,
racial persecutions or discriminations;
(3) been an avowed believer in Nazism, or racial or militaristic
creeds; or
(4) voluntarily given substantial moral or material support, or
political assistance of any kind to the Nazi Party or Nazi
officials and leaders.
APRIL 1948
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