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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

USFET letter to commanding generals Third U.S. Army/Eastern military district and Seventh U.S. Army/Western military district, subject: removal of Nazis and Militarists, 15 August 1945,   pp. 37-38 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 38

the profession. A person engaged in his own business or occupation, including
farming, should be prevented from continuing therein.
9. All persons so removed, together with all persons so designated as persons
hostile to Allied purposes, shall be considered to fall within Section II,
45, Appendix EBB 3, General Order No 1 (Blocking and Control of Property)
of Handbook
for Military Government in Germany, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expenditionary
As such, all their property in the U. S. Zone is subject to seizure of possession,
direction, management, supervision or otherwise being taken under control
by Military
Government. Such property may not be dealt with except as licensed or otherwise
authorized or directed by Military Government or Military Government Law
No. 52. The
funds of persons removed or designated as hostile to Allied purposes hereunder
blocked subject to limited withdrawal or transfers under General Licenses.
10. No person so removed or designated as hostile to Allied purposes hereunder
shall be entitled to receive directly or indirectly: -
a) Any pension or other civil service rights except as directed by mili-
tary government (see Section II, Part I, paragraph 30, of reference directive).
b) Any public funds (see paragraph 4a, Instructions to German Officials on
Revenue and Expenditures, No. 1; also General Order No. 1 referred to in
paragraph 9
11. The property of persons removed or designated as hostile to Allied purposes
will not initially be taken into control (custody) by military government
control, but a report with recommendations will be made to your headquarters
on whether
such property should be taken into control (see property control check list
for property
control officers and Chapter 8, Introduction, Military Government Finance
and Property
Control Technical Manual)   If it is taken into control under orders from
your head-
quarters, it will be operated by a custodian to be appointed by military
The Buergermeister or other appropriate local authority should be required
to suggest
the individuals by whom the property shall be operated. Responsibility for
removal and
clearance of persons selected will be determined in accordance with Part
4 of Section
II of reference directive and reference letter.
12. Removals shall be effected in this manner. When the determination for
has been made by military government, an order directing the removal will
be delivered
to the Buergermeister, with the statement that continuance in position will
be inimical
to the interest of military government. The removal shall then be effected
by the
Buergermeister or his representative. Designations of persons hostile to
Allied pur-
poses will be effected in the same-manner.
13. Persons removed from public office or from business, professions or occupa-
tions or designated as hostile to Allied purposes may not be employed in
any public
office or private position that would bring them wealth or permit them to
power or influence, nor may they. engage in any occupation having that effect.
persons will be limited to employment of an unimportant nature.
14. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the issuance of temporary or revocable
.Licenses to doctors or others to engage in professional or other activities
to the
extent that their personal services are necessary for the health, safety
or well-being
of the community, and'in any such case the compensation allowable for such
shall be fixed. The existence of the necessity and the amount of the compensation
shall be determined by the Buergermeister, subject to review by the local
Government detachment. Any such temporary or revocable license shall not
relieve the
holder thereof from any of the other restrictions or provisions hereof.
15. A report of all persons removed from public office or from any business,
fession or occupation and of all persons designated as hostile to Allied
purposes will
be submitted to this headquarters, with a statement of the circumstances
believed to
justify the action taken.
APRIL 1948
- 38 -

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