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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

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particularly concerned with the acceleration of trials and the period was
ized by gradual removal of controls and supervision of the program. Military
ment also made an examination of the extent to which the legal restrictions
on employ-
ment of Nazis, as set forth in the law, and the employment sanctions imposed
by tri-
bmals, were being observed in public agencies and private enterprises; and
of the
enforcement of sanctions.
Acceleration of First Trials
The status of denazification as of 31 May 1947, based upon a survey of the
three Laender made by the Ministers of Political Liberation, showed that
of the
ll,923.,000 registrations roeeived up to that time, 959,000 had been classified
t-h prosecutors as belonging to persons who were heavily incriminated and
would be
ocarged as major offenders, offenders, or lesser offenders. An additional
would be charged as being I esas heavilry incriminated,_ tut subject to trial.
Of the
iemainder, 8,631,000 had been determined to be not chargeable under the Law,
had been amestied because of age, and 973,000, because of economic status
cal impairment. Of the heavily incriminated group, 18 percent had been tried,
of the less heavily incriminated group, 38 percent had been tried.  It was
apparent that the program was far from completed.
As of 30 September 1947, a survey of the monthly accomplishments and of the
cwmnalative trial totals of the Tribunals during the preceding six months
conuisteit.iuprovement, but also a heavy workload of uncompleted cases. At
current rate of progress it would still be tro years before the program would
comple ted.
From April to september 1947, every effort had been made by Military Govern-
ment to assist the Ministers of Political Liberation with these problems,
both through
the Special Branches in the Land ilitary Goverment Offices and by a special
tary Government staff.  However, the maintenance of personnel to keep the
work abreast of the trial processes, the limited time which the part-time
could devote to their duties, the limitations on transportation , materials,
and light
all tended to reduce accomplishment and delay the comletion of the program.
April 1947 - September 1947
Bavaria, Wuerttauberg-Baden, Heese
Trials Coxlte
Month                                                                pleted,~I
during Month
April 1947                                                          37,302
MV                                                                  43,800
Jul                                                                 36,918
July                                                                38,399
SUe  t                                                              34,824
September                                                           40,501
Cuulaie an -of 30 :bep tor 197          _47212
Charso3ble CStem  notybr  Co 194                                   89
an of 50 Sfftember 1947                                            8989697
First Amendments to the Law for Liberation
The results of the mandatory charge provisions of the Denazification Law
had long
ben a matter of concern te the staffs of the ministries and were being carefully
watched by Military Goverbment.  The Germa authorities hold that public prosecutors
should have the right to determine the charge on the basis of each investigation
.APRIL 1948

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