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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Carlson, Marybeth (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia (1)
8 (1988)

Contents,   pp. vii-xiv

Page viii

Acknowledgments                                                        xv
Organization                                                           xvi
Editorial Procedures                                                  xviii
General Ratification Chronology, 1786-1791                            xix
Calendar for the Years 1787-1788                                      xxii
Introduction                                                         xxiii
Note on Sources                                                        xl
Symbols                                                              xlviii
Virginia Chronology, 1776-1791                                          li
Officers of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1787-1788                    Iv
I. The Debate over the Constitution in Virginia
3 September 1787-31 March 1788
Introduction                                                            3
Richard Henry Lee to John Adams, New York, 3 September 1787             9
George Mason and Edmund Randolph in the Constitutional Convention,
12-15 September                                                      10
Debates in the Constitutional Convention, Saturday, 15 September     11
Gov. Edmund Randolph to Lt. Gov. Beverley Randolph,
Philadelphia, 18 September                                           11
George Washington to the Marquis de Lafayette, Philadelphia, 18 September  12
James Madison to Edmund Pendleton, Philadelphia, 20 September          12
Robert Milligan to William Tilghman, Philadelphia, 20 September        13
Edward Carrington to James Madison, New York, 23 September             14
George Washington to Patrick Henry, Benjamin Harrison, and
Thomas Nelson, Jr., Mount Vernon, 24 September                       15
John Dawson to James Madison, Fredericksburg, 25 September             16
Editors' Note: The Publication of the Constitution in Virginia,
26 September-3 November                                              17
Virginia Independent Chronicle, 26 September                           19
ยง Editors' Note: The Confederation Congress and the Constitution,
New York, 26-28 September                                            20
John Banister, Jr., to Thomas Jefferson, Battersea, 27 September       21
Berkeley County Meeting, 28 September                                  22
Alexandria and Fairfax County Meetings, 28 September-2 October         23
Virginia Journal, 27 September                                       23
Alexandria Town Meeting, 28 September                                23
Fairfax County Meeting, 2 October                                    23
Richard Henry Lee to Elbridge Gerry, New York, 29 September            25
Edmund Randolph to James Madison, Bowling Green, 30 September          25
James Madison to George Washington, New York, 30 September             26
Richard Henry Lee to George Mason, New York, 1 October                 28
The Reverend James Madison to Thomas Madison,
Williamsburg, 1 October                                              30
The Reverend James Madison to James Madison,
Williamsburg, c. 1 October                                           31
Richard Henry Lee to William Shippen, Jr., New York, 2 October         32
Henry Knox to George Washington, New York, 3 October                   33
Arthur Lee to John Adams, New York, 3 October                          34

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