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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut
3 (1978)

III. Commentaries on the Constitution, 17 October-12 November 1787,   pp. 372-404

Page 404

like Jerusalem  herself built compact together, elevated and strong,
simple but safe, containing peace within her walls and prosperity
within her palaces, overlooking, but diffusing her happy influence
over the miry valley of Babel's ruins, and producing happiness
through all nations and generations. And with confidence, we think,
we may say, Our feet shall stand within thy gates, 0, Jerusalem.
(a) Great number of the members of Congress have resigned
their office.
1. Psalms 122:3. This text was used by the Rev. Dr. Elizur Goodrich, pastor of
the Congregational Church in Durham, in the election sermon he preached before
the Governor and General Assembly at Hartford on 10 May 1787. The sermon was
entitled: The Principles of Civil Union and Happiness Considered and Recom-
Newspaper Announcements of the Election of Delegates
on 12 November
A Lover of His Country
Middlesex Gazette, 5 November
The day appointed to choose delegates to meet in our state Con-
vention is big with the most important events of any day in which
the sun ever shone since the Europeans first came into America. It,
therefore, becomes every man who has any regard for his person or
property to give his attendance on the business of said day. Thus
saith A Lover of his Country.
Connecticut Courant, 5 November
The inhabitants of the town of Hartford will take notice that
there will be a town meeting at the State House on Monday next at
two o'clock P.M. for the purpose of choosing delegates to the state
Norwich Packet, 8 November
Next Monday is the day that is appointed for each town through-
out this state to choose DELEGATES to meet in a Convention on
the first Thursday of January next, in the city of Hartford to take
into consideration the new Federal Constitution.
Middlesex Gazette, 12 November
The inhabitants of this town [Middletown] are desired to give
punctual attendance at the town meeting this day.

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