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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut

V. Reports of and comments on New Jersey ratification, 18 December 1787-22 January 1788,   pp. 192-195

Page 193

pretend to love liberty more than the citizens of New Jersey must show
that they have done half as much in its defense before they can be
1. This iteni was reprinted thirty-one times throughout the country by 11 Febru-
ary 1788. It was reprinted in the Massachusetts Centinel, 2 January 1788 (and later
in two New Hampshire newspapers) under the title: "A SCRAP-Worthy to be
Written in Letters of Gold."
Burlington Celebration of New Jersey Ratification
22 December1
Saturday the 22d instant, the inhabitants of the city of Burlington,
on the return of one of their delegateS2 from the state Convention,
assembled at the courthouse in said city, where the Form of the Ratifica-
tion of the Federal Constitution, as adopted in this city [Trenton],
was read and received every testimony of the most perfect satisfaction.
Thirteen cannon were fired for the United States, besides one for the
State of Delaware and one for the State of Pennsylvania which had
preceded us in this important business. A number of the persons
present then adjourned to the house of Colonel [Oakey] Hoagland,
where all parties joined in mutual congratulations on the occasion
and in wishing success to a system of government which, by its prin-
ciples of union and public justice, lays a solid foundation for the
happiness of our wide-extended empire, and for a grandeur and na-
tional importance which will gain respect and secure us peace with all
the world.
1. Pennsylvania Mercury, 5 January 1788. This item was also printed on the
same day in the Pennsylvania Journal. It was probably first printed in the Trenton
Mercury, 1 January, which is not extant. By the end of January it was reprinted
twice more in Philadelphia, twice in New Hampshire, and once in New York.
2. Burlington's three delegates were Thomas Reynolds, Joshua M. Wallace, and
George Anderson.
Trenton Mercury, 25 December
Our correspondent observes that it must give every real friend to
his country great pleasure, when he hears of the entire cordiality
and unanimity which prevailed in the councils of our Honorable
Convention. The representation from the several counties, except
Salem, was complete and full during the whole session. Two members
from Salem attended, but the third, viz., Doctor Samuel Dick, we are
informed, was unavoidably detained at home on account of the illness
of some of his family. When we examine the list of the members
returned to our Convention, we shall find them to be truly respect-
able and among the first characters in the state;' and there is not much

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