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Kaminski, John P.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Fields, David P.; Conley, Patrick T.; Moore, Timothy D. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Rhode Island (3)
26 (2013)

VI. The debate over the Constitution in Rhode Island, 20 January-29 May 1790,   pp. 711-897

Page 715

Our Correspondent adds, that his Fellow-Citizens will do well to examine
with the strictest Care into the present State of their Situation, and he flatters
himself, that the Result of that Examination will convince them, that they are
too feeble as a State to subsist alone, and that it will be for their political
Happiness to support the Pillars of the FEDERAL Temple. And when the Temple
is completed, the Lover of LAWS founded on JUSTICE and EQUITY, may rest
securely under his own Vine and Fig Tree, and have none to make him afraid.2 -
Mile the Wretch who with a sacrilegious Hand attempts to dam up the Streams
which flow from that Source from whence the People derive their Safety and
Security, will have Cause to fear and tremble.
1. These paragraphs follow immediately after the Newport Mercury 's report of the Jan-
uary legislative proceedings (Mfm:R.I.).
2. Micah 4:4.
Newport Herald, 21 January 17901
A Correspondent congratulates his Fellow-Citizens, and the Public,
on the pleasing prospects that are afforded in consequence of the Gen-
eral Assembly having ordered a Convention to be called, and to meet
on the first Monday in March-He flatters himself that before the month
of April, we shall be united to the NEW CONSTITUTION; a Constitution
which was formed by the labour of wisdom, and which if cordially
adopted by us, may give us reason to hope for the accomplishment of
our rational wishes: our trade will flourish, the farmer find a market
for his produce, and industry a reward.
1. Reprinted: New York Daily Gazette, 5 February; Pennsylvania Packet, 11 February.
Theodore Foster to Dwight Foster
Providence, 22 January 1790 (excerpt)'
Frater Charissime,
Deus hanc Diem faustam nobis dedit.-Dies enim nullus fuit in
quo nos qui sumus Providentiae plus gavisi fuimus.-et Gratias Deo
I wish to transmit an animating Spark of the Federal Fire of the
Rhode Island Elder to the Bosom of my Brother at Brookfield that he
may participate in the General Joy of the Federalists of this State on
Account of the Act of the Legislature for calling a Convention to adopt
the New Constitution of the National Government a Copy of which I
Send you in the inclosed Newspaper.3 I congratulate you on this aus-
picous Event.-An Event long wished for by Me. The Federal Temple
will now soon be completed and Peace Joy and Plenty I hope pervade
the Land....

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