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Kaminski, John P.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Fields, David P.; Conley, Patrick T.; Moore, Timothy D. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Rhode Island (3)
26 (2013)

Rhode Island chronology, 1772-1790,   pp. xxix-xxxiii

Page xxxiii

1-6 March
6 March
6 March
6 March
18 March
6 April
21 April
21 April-1 May
8 May
18 May
20 May
25-29 May
29 May
29 May
29 May
29 May
1 June
3 June
4 June
9 June
10 June
11 June
12 June
12 June
12 June
14 June
14 June
16 June
25 June
17-19 August
31 August
9 September
State Convention meets in South Kingstown
Convention votes 41-28 to adjourn until May
Convention sends bill of rights and proposed amendments
to towns for their consideration on 21 April
Antifederalist "nocturnal convention" proposes election
prox with Daniel Owen as candidate for governor
Antifederalist convention substitutes Arthur Fenner for
Daniel Owen
Federalist convention held at East Greenwich proposes a
coalition prox
Country party wins annual state election
Town meetings deliberate on R.I.'s bill of rights and
proposed amendments
Gov. Arthur Fenner, in council, states he will call a special
session of legislature if Convention ratifies Constitution
U.S. Senate passes bill discriminating against R.I. in
Gov. Fenner writes to President George Washington
indicating R.I. will soon ratify
R.I. state Convention meets in Newport
R.I. Convention ratifies Constitution, 34-32
Convention recommends that the state legislature should
adopt congressional amendments
Convention President Daniel Owen informs President
Washington of R.I.'s ratification
News arrives in Providence of R.I. ratification at 11:00 P.M.
President Washington transmits word to Congress of R.I.'s
Gov. Fenner informs Mass. Gov. John Hancock of R.I.'s
President Washington congratulates Gov. Fenner on R.I.
Convention President Owen sends President Washington
official form of ratification
Officers at legislative session take oath to Constitution
Adoption of 11 of 12 congressional amendments
Legislature passes election bill
Legislature elects Joseph Stanton, Jr., and Theodore Foster
as U.S. Senators
Legislature orders Gov. Fenner to issue proclamation
notifying all state officers to take oath to Constitution
Gov. Fenner issues proclamation on oaths
Congress passes act putting federal tariff into effect in R.I.
President Washington transmits official R.I. form of
ratification to Congress
R.I. Senators take their seats
President Washington's entourage visits R.I.
Towns vote for R.I.'s U.S. Representative
Legislature declares Benjamin Bourne elected U.S.

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